Im Francis P. Oppenheim.

A watch enthusiast with a collection of 6 watches.

I’m a marketing consultant, and I own a company of 8 workers.
We are consulting companies in Europe (and some in the US) about marketing on the web.

my history is rather interesting since I was born in Belgium to French parents. When I was 6 we moved to California Because of my dad’s work, and after 10 years we moved to the UK.

I call myself a Global citizen, and these days I’m living outside London.

I grew up getting the enthusiasm for watches from my grandfather. he was the kind of person that knew all about watches, and he actually lived in a time and place when the watch industry started.
I got my first watch when I was 13, in my Bar-Mitzva, but I didn’t care about it too much. Only when I turned 20 did I get really into watches, and I never stopped since.

I see watches as fascinating machines that have a far better value than just showing time. Watches are some of the most amazing inventions since they are so complex on one hand, and so elegant on the other. The process of making a watch always got me intrigued and whenever I see an interesting watch I get butterflies.

Currently, I’m owning a 6 watch collection, and I’m always looking for the next one.

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