Affordable Swiss Watches under $200 | (8 Surprising Options)

Most of the excitement in the timepiece industry revolves around Swiss brands. Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and the next big name that comes to mind are the most well-known and sought-after watchmakers. 

However, not everyone can buy a $6000 Omega watch, thus the introduction of budget timepieces is welcome. 

There are Swiss companies that sell quality timepieces with Swiss craftsmanship for as little as $200. Tissot, Swatch, Wenger, and Victorinox are a few examples of such brands.

Tissot – Swiss-made watch for less than $200

Swiss company Tissot has been in business for a very long time. 

However, despite their advanced age, they still possess valuable experience. Currently, the business and the Swatch watch group are partners under a licensing agreement. 

Through this collaboration, they get access to the special in-house ETA movement, which is popular among watches made by the Swatch Group.

As it is known among watch aficionados, the company is motivated by the goal to offer “watches with gold worth at silver pricing.” 

As an inexpensive Swiss-made timepiece, Tissot watches are renowned for being dependable, strong, fashionable, and higher quality than expected. 

The brand Tissot proudly gives its owners accessible luxury.

Affordable Tissot watches below $200

Tissot women’s Every Time quartz silver dial watch | ($172)

The Tissot every time watch is a stunning and stylish watch designed specifically for women. The manufacturer is currently discontinuing this model. 

The watch has a Swiss quartz movement, ensuring accuracy, and is powered by a single lithium-ion battery. 

An analog display, a stainless steel case, and a scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire are all features of this $172 watch. 

It is waterproof up to 330 feet and has a fixed stainless steel Bezel. Even though it only weighs 2.05 ounces, the watch is more high-end than its price would indicate.

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Tissot men’s XL Classic Quartz watch | ($200)

The Tissot XL Classic is a fine Swiss-made timepiece that is a great option for affluent men on a budget. 

The casing is made of 316L stainless steel, and the sapphire crystal protects the HMSD dial from scratches. The watch measures 25.60 mm in diameter, 42.00 mm in width, and 42.00 mm in length (mm). 

This watch has a special function called the End of Life indicator that alerts you when the Renata 371 battery needs to be changed. It is powered by a Swiss quartz movement and 11 1/2″ Caliber. 

The Tissot XL Classic watch has a price range of $178 to $200.

Tissot men’s XL Classic Quartz watch | Affordable Swiss men's watch under $200
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Swatch Watches – The Most Affordable Swiss Watches

Nine times out of ten, a Swatch watch would have been suggested to anyone looking for reasonably priced Swiss timepieces. 

Swatch watches are made with affordability in mind. These high-quality timepieces with Swiss quartz movements are reasonably priced and are owned by the Swatch Watch Group. 

Each Swatch watch features a Swiss-made quartz movement, and water resistance, and is made of either plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum. They are sold at low prices. 

They are also incredibly strong.

Affordable Swatch watches below $200

Swatch Goldig Blue Quartz Ladies Watch | ($140)

This oval dress watch, which costs between $131.99 and $145.00, includes a band and case made of stainless steel alloy. 

Like every other Swatch watch, it has a quartz movement and a mineral crystal face. Water resistance is 50 meters (165 feet) or five ATM, though. The dial’s color can range from blue to gold and includes an analog display. 

Due to Swatch’s commitment to offering more quality for less money, it is obvious that this is a good Swiss watch that costs less than $200.

Minimalis-Tic men’s chronograph watch | ($170)

An outstanding watch from the Irony The Chrono line is the Swatch Minimalis Tic. 

The watch has a chronograph, and a date function, and is 30 meters underwater, among other significant characteristics. 

The stainless steel case, Swiss quartz movement (ETA), and metal band all speak to the watch’s exceptional quality. 

The price of this dependable watch is between $168.60 and $178.67.

Affordable Wenger watches below $200

Wenger – A Secret Swiss Brand 

Yes, the Wenger watch company is Swiss. It was established in Courtételle, a small town close to Delémont in the Swiss Jura. 

It began as a manufacturer of industrial cutlery but later learned the craft of watchmaking and established itself in the Swiss watch industry. 

Wenger uses imported components to keep their watches affordable but uses high-quality Swiss movements to guarantee reliability and precise timekeeping. 

Although the company offers a variety of collections at various price points, it still manages to produce entry-level watches for under $200.

Metropolitan Donnissima Swiss quartz Beige Watch (analog display) | ($110)

The Metropolitan Donnissima embraces contemporary femininity and exudes the image of a modern lady by being audacious, stylish, and self-assured. 

The day calendar dial in the elegant 38-mm case has straightforward roman numerals in PVD gold for a clean appearance. 

Warm PVD gold contrasts with pure polished steel in the bracelet’s material. 

For adaptability, there are 7 various strap options: 5 are made of smooth, semi-matte leather and 2 are either made of steel mesh or PVD gold. The band is beige in tone and is the typical size for women. 

It costs $104.07 and is 330 feet water resistant.

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Wenger Seaforce – Men’s Swiss quartz watch | ($180)

Stainless steel makes up the majority of the Wenger Seaforce. 

It has a stainless steel unidirectional bezel and is water-resistant to 200 meters. At 5.9 Ounces, it is a tad on the heavier side. 

A double-locking fold-over clasp completes the stainless steel, and a mineral glass pane is placed above the analog display on the black dial. 

Additionally, it has a Swiss quartz movement. It costs between $165 and $195 to purchase.

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High-quality materials are used to create Victorinox timepieces. 

Switzerland is where all Victorinox timepieces are made. 

Although Victorinox Swiss Army manufactures their watches on-site, they adhere to the highest requirements of the Swiss watchmaking trade. 

Each watch goes through at least 100 tests before it leaves the workshop. The most crucial ones are resistance to age, wear, vibration, shock, temperature, corrosion, traction, and torsion. 

The price of a Victorinox watch can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not that Victorinox doesn’t provide reasonably priced timepieces. 

Comparatively speaking to the tens of thousands of dollars that a typical Swiss watch may cost, Victorinox timepieces are quite affordable. 

Solid stainless steel and coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal are standard on all models, regardless of price.

Affordable Victorinox watches below $200

Victorinox Women’s Maverick Stainless Steel Watch | ($175)

This watch is created from premium materials. 

With a fine-grain leather or chain-link bracelet made of silver stainless steel and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal for the dial window, it gives a timeless appearance. 

The movement is an analog quartz movement that has a 10 ATM/100 m/330 ft underwater depth limit. 

The date calendar, timer, and second hand on the dial are some of their unique characteristics. 

On well-known websites like Amazon, it costs $175.00.

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Victorinox men’s Black XL | ($190)

This excellent Victorinox watch for men has a reasonable price of $190.66 and good construction. 

The watch’s stainless steel 43mm case and 21mm nylon band are also included. 

The dial of the watch has a date window at 3 o’clock and 12- and 24-hour markings. 

The watch has a mineral glass windshield for protection, and the bezel ring is made of durable black aluminum. 

In addition to all of that, the watch has a 100-meter water resistance rating. As a result of their bright coating, watch hands illuminate at night.

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Are Pre-owned Swiss watches good?

Pre-owned Swiss watches are those that had at least one previous owner and were created earlier than recently. 

While some can be in fantastic shape, others might appear to have had numerous owners and makeovers. 

Pre-owned timepieces provide a fantastic opportunity to purchase a watch that is either hard to get new or has been discontinued and is now hardly in circulation. 

Consider luxury Swiss companies, which require years to create a single watch. Pre-owned watches allow you to skip the waiting list and get an identical watch without the flash of a new one.

A quality Swiss-made watch can be purchased for a reasonable price by choosing a pre-owned model. 

Let’s face it, you won’t get a Rolex for $200, but you can most surely obtain a watch with an original cost of $500 or less. 

Shopping with a reputable, one you can trust, a dealer is one of the finest ways to enjoy your used watch. This will probably result in you receiving a watch that is fantastic, trustworthy, and has a ton of life left in it.

FAQs about Swiss watches

Are Swiss-made watches good?

Swiss timepieces are excellent timepieces. 

They are of excellent quality and are well worth the money spent on them. The minute details that go into each watch make them special (in addition to the fact that they bear the mark “Swiss-made”). 

Since the beginning of the watch industry, most of the knowledge, professionalism, and cutting-edge designs have been developed in Switzerland. 

Swiss watches have a rich history of watchmaking, superb craftsmanship, premium components, and superior engineering.

They are the best watches you can buy and are highly regarded by watch aficionados. 

What does it mean when a watch is Swiss-made?

A timepiece that adheres to Swiss Trademark criteria is said to be Swiss-manufactured. 

According to these Swiss standards:

1. It has a Swiss movement. 

2. Swiss manufacturing must account for at least 50% of the component value of the movement. excluding the cost of production. 

3. The final inspections are performed in Switzerland by the manufacturer. 

4. In Switzerland, at least 60% of production costs are made. 

5. A watch cannot be designated as being made in Switzerland until it satisfies these requirements.

Why are Swiss-made watches so expensive?

Due to the use of premium materials, superior craftsmanship, rich Swiss heritage, and technical advancements, Swiss watches are pricey. 

The majority of them have in-house movements, and a portion of them have significant chronometer certification. Since Swiss watches cost a lot to produce, a lot of money is anticipated to be made from them. 

It’s crucial to realize that Swiss timepieces are often manufactured by hand, by a watchmaker who is an expert in the field. Some of these watchmakers have twenty years or more of expertise, and their work is highly valuable.


Although not all pockets weigh the same, everyone enjoys a fine Swiss watch. 

An excellent method to tip the scales in favor of the common man is to purchase affordable Swiss timepieces for under $200. All of these items have rich Swiss traditions and are of high quality. 

It is indeed wonderful that we can now purchase reputable Swiss watchmakers’ high-quality timepieces for less than $200. 

Never forget that just because a watch is inexpensive, it doesn’t make it any less Swiss.

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