Are Calvin Klein Watches Swiss-made?

Calvin Klein is no small name when it comes to the fashion industry. From their clothing to their watches and jewelry, you are compelled to spend your money on every CK piece you can find. 

For 22 years Swatch group has made CK watches, but in 2021 this agreement came to an end.
These days Movado group are the manufacturers of Calvin Klein watches, but are they swiss-made?

Where are Calvin Klein watches made?

Starting 2021 Calvin Klein watches are made in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland by the Movado group, after the end of 22 years agreement with the Swatch group.

Bienne, a village in Switzerland, found within the Watch Valley is a major player in the watchmaking industry.
Calvin Klein watches, among others, have been designed, produced, and assembled for decades in the Watch Valley.

Are all parts of a Calvin Klein watch Swiss made?

Not all parts of a CK watch are made in Switzerland.

A few parts are produced in Asia, mostly in China. After this process, they are shipped back to Switzerland for assembly in Bienne.

Who makes watches for Calvin Klein?

For 22 years, the process of watchmaking for Calvin Klein was handled by the Swatch watch group. In recent times, that responsibility has been handed over to the Movado watch group.

Calvin Klein signed a licensing agreement with Movado Watch group in August 2020, putting the group in charge of designing and manufacturing CK watches.

Calvin Klein was on the lookout for a partnership after the end of its 22-year-long licensing deal with Swatch Group and Movado reached out, offering a 5-year deal. This deal began to take effect in January 2022.

Calvin Klein recently released their first collection, after the collaboration with Movado, in February 2022 – “The Spring-Summer 2022 watch and jewelry collection”.

Do CK watches have Swiss movement?

Calvin Klein watches make use of the Swiss quartz movement, majorly featuring Ronda and ETA movements.

CK watches use a profound high-quality Swiss movement, and often proudly bears the label “Swiss made”. The Swiss Calvin Klein watch collection is one of the top name brands in the wristwatch market.

What happened during the Swatch and Calvin Klein collaboration?

Calvin Klein Inc. and Swatch Group signed a license agreement in 1997 to create a line of quartz-powered, fashion-focused watches made by Swatch Group but branded Calvin Klein.
The fashion house was just about to venture into the lucrative industry of watchmaking and required skilled hands to run it for them.

22 years of working together came to an end in 2019 and like every other story, both parties had their side to report.

Swatch Group reported that it was letting the licensing agreement expire due to “the recent turbulence and uncertainties at the management level of Calvin Klein Inc., New York,” which has been closing offices, laying off employees, and has seen a reshuffling in its executive ranks recently.

However, Calvin Klein owner PVH Corp. indicated in a statement posted on its website that the decision to let the license agreement end was mutual as “both partners believe that they have been unable to achieve the maximum potential in key markets.” 

Does Swatch make watches for other designer brands as well?

Being the world’s largest watch group, the Swatch watch group makes watches for 17 other designer brands which are; 

· Breguet.

· Harry Winston.

· Blancpain.

· Glashütte Original.

· Jaquet Droz.

· Léon Hatot.

· Omega.

· Longines.

· Rado

· Union Glashütte

· Tissot

· Balmain

· Certina

· Mido

· Hamilton

· Swatch

· Flik Flak

Each brand under the Swatch group has its unique look and design. And is therefore possible to have each of these watches in your collection and find every one of them unique.

Are CK watches good quality?

Over the past few years, designer watches have experienced a lot of criticism from the public.
There have been claims that such designer watches are poorly made and exist only so the company selling them can have watches among their accessories.

Calvin Klein watches fall into the fashion category and that’s where a lot of people will automatically wince and turn away. But that is not the case with Calvin Klein watches; these watches are well-made and offer some interesting and diverse styling, and are available at a price point that makes them affordable.

Though not luxury, CK watches are premium and made of good quality. There are a few doubts about the authenticity of the watches as some parts are being manufactured in China. 

Overall, Calvin Klein watches are good quality and are sure to give good value for your money.

Has Swatch always made watches for CK?

The billion-dollar brand was founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz and acquired by PVH Corp. in 2003.

In the year 1997, the brand partnered with the Swatch watch group to design and manufacture its watches. Up till August 2020, Swatch was the only company that made watches for CK.

Are CK watches luxury watches?

Are Calvin Klein watches premium? Yes, they are.

Are they luxury watches? No, they aren’t.

Calvin Klein is indeed a designer brand, however, they sit at the lower end of the fashion house spectrum. They’re more aspirational than high street options but are not at the premium luxury level of top-class watch companies like Rolex, Omega and the likes.

Is CK the same as Calvin Klein?

Yes, CK is the same as Calvin Klein.

In 2014, and as part of the company’s efforts towards rebranding, new models introduced at Baselworld 2014 had the “Calvin Klein” logo on the dial instead of the CK logo.

Calvin Klein best selling watch models

Here are two of the best selling watch models from Calvin Klein:

· Calvin Klein Minimal K3M23B26

This model is a unisex 35mm wrist watch. It’s worn mostly by sport-inclined users as it can complement any sports outfit. It’s light enough to be worn during games, hence the name ‘Minimal’. It possesses a steel & rose-gold PVD strap, mineral glass which shields the watch from scratches, Swiss quartz movement, and it is waterproof up to 30 meters. With such amazing features, this is one of the best-selling Calvin Klein Watches.

· Calvin Klein Skirt K2U23146

The Calvin Klein Skirt is a feminine watch made of 32 mm steel case, silver bezel and dial. It has a Stainless strap and mineral glass that shields the surface from scratches. It’s an ideal watch for the classy modern woman.


Calvin Klein watches portray class and elegance at first glance. These watches know how to compliment your look and best of all, their prices are not on the high side. This brand is part of the few fashion houses that has had measurable success in the watchmaking industry over the last couple of years. Its latest collaboration with Movado watch group promises to launch the brand into a new level of watchmaking.

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