Are Citizen divers watches any good?

Citizen is a Japanese Watch Brand that has been designing and making watches for over 100 years. Aside from being quite legendary in the watchmaking world,  they are vertically integrated, which means that they handle all production of their watches, and divers watches, themselves, like Rolex and other high-end watch brands.

Citizen makes some of the best-looking, most functional dive watches on the market. For an Asian brand, their watches have top-level quality control, excellent build quality, and the use of good materials.

Are dive watches made by Citizen good?

Citizen has a collection of dive watches, but they are not your regular dive watches. All watches from Citizen have a feature that makes them special and gives them a good reputation which preceded the brand.

These dive watches are durable, and most of them can resist up to 20 Bars of pressure. Their collection can be spread among a variety of buyers, and there is a watch for every budget.

Dive watches made by Citizen are good for anyone interested in watersports. From Swimming to deep scuba diving in the ocean, the watches are equipped to meet the needs of their buyers.

What movement does it have?

Citizen manufactures its movements, cases, and other components used in making its watches. This makes them one of the few global Vertically integrated companies.

Citizen dive watches feature in-house movements in their watches. More specifically, Citizen watches mostly make use of Japanese quartz. This may not sound good because all quartz watches require batteries, but Citizen has devised a way to prevent constant battery replacement.

The brand uses its in-house Miyota movement, but for models like Promaster diver, each watch is powered by Citizen’s cal. 8204 automatic movement.

Will the movement in their dive watch last for many years?

The movement used in Citizen watches is designed to last many years.

This is primarily because they are powered by Eco-Drive technology, such watches are reliable and have a battery that will last longer than other dive watches.

Reports gotten from Citizen Watches prove that the solar cells and secondary batteries used in Eco-Drive watches will last for up to 10 years. This cuts down the cost of battery replacement and maintenance and also increases the lifespan of the watch.

Eco-drive-powered movements used in Citizen divers watches are very durable and last for many years, even after constant submersion in water.

Are Citizen dive watch good for scuba diving?

Yes, you can scuba dive with certain Citizen dive watches.

Like most dive watch brands, Citizen has a variety of models having different water-resistance ratings. The range spans from 50M to as deep as Divers 200M.

To dive with a Citizen watch, you have to make sure that the watch is rated 100M and above. This is to ensure that the watch does not face risk in whatever way while underwater. Diving with watches rated below 100M WR is unpredictable and requires extreme caution.

To know the water-resistance rating for your Citizen watch, check the watch dial and the case back for a clear indication.

Are citizen dive watches accurate?

Citizen watches as well as diving watches have a record of being very accurate.

An average citizen watch has an accuracy of +/- 1 second. Quartz watches are already recorded as more accurate than mechanical and automatic watches. But Citizen has taken it a step further, or thousands of steps further to produce watches with the accuracy of one second per 100,000 years.

This is good for divers because accuracy in the timekeeping of a watch makes it a perfect tool for calculating time spent underwater.

Do the citizen diver’s watches have good quality

Though not considered as luxury watches, Citizen divers watches have good quality and are made with high-standard materials.

Citizen produces their movements, components, and the machines used to make both movement and components. They feature in-house movements, stainless steel or Titanium cases, Mineral glass, luminous dials, and any other features needed for a good dive watch.

Are Citizen dive watches durable?

Citizen dive watches offer an excellent balance of value, durability, and quality.

The materials used to make Citizen watches contribute tremendously to the durability of the watches. And so also, the Eco-drive technology present within the watch.

Are citizen diving watches waterproof?

In General context, any item labeled waterproof can withstand the pressure of water at a given depth. Unfortunately, there is no waterproof watch yet.

The “waterproofness” of a watch refers to how deep a watch can go underwater before the water pressure becomes too much for it to withstand. Because for every watch, there is a limit it reaches underwater where the pressure of the water is greater than the resistance of the watch. Citizen dive watches are no different.

Below is a table showing the water resistance of Citizen Dive watches and how waterproof they are.

Water resistance RatingHow waterproof is the watch?How many Bars can it stand?Activities the watch can be indulged in
30M100 ft (30metres)3 ATM/BARsOccasional accidental splashing.
50M165 ft (50 meters)5 ATM/BARsSwimmingWashing of hands.Walking During a rainy day
100M330 ft ( 100 meters)10 ATM/BARsSkin diving (diving without air supply).SnorkelingSwimming.
Divers 200M660 ft (200 meters)20 ATM/BARsDeep divingSnorkelingSwimming.

(The unit “1 bar” is roughly equal to 1 atmosphere.)

Not all watches by Citizen are water-resistant models, so be sure you are holding a dive watch before introducing the watch to any form of contact with water.

All Citizen dive watches are tested for underwater activity and are double-tested by the International Organization for Standards to confirm their water resistance.

Does Citizen Dive watch lume?

Citizen watches lume in the absence of light.

The dials of Citizen dive watches are painted with luminous paint which enables the diver to read the time clearly while underwater. The luminous paint stores either sunlight or artificial (UV) light, and glows in a dark environment.

The minute and seconds hands of the watch are also painted with the same luminous paint, also to read time at a depth at which light rays can no longer penetrate the water. The paint is free from any radioactive substance or any other material harmful to the human body or environment. The emitted light/glow will initially appear bright but will diminish as time passes or depending on how well exposed it was to an energy source. The paint may not glow or may dissipate quickly if exposure to light was not sufficient.

4 Recommended options for a good Citizen diving watch

1. Citizen Watches Men’s BN0151-09L Promaster Professional Diver

The BN0151-09L is water-resistant up to 660 feet (200 meters). It is ISO 6425 certified, so it is suitable for diving. Its 1.69-inch case has shark-like teeth on the bezel. It is quite a bulky watch that weighs up to 10.88 ounces. The only downside to this watch is the length of its bracelet. The bracelet has a length of 20mm, which is not favorable to small-wristed buyers.

Overall, the BN0151-09L is a good watch, it will provide the user with a timepiece capable of telling accurate time, and is strong enough to take a beating.

Watch specifications

· 200M water-resistant

· Mineral Crystal Glass

· Solar-powered Japanese quartz movement

· Polyurethane strap

· Stainless steel case and bezel

2. Citizen JP1040-09E Titanium Aqualand Duplex Diving Watch

This watch is light, strong, and keeps good time. It can be used as a backup to dive computers. The use of titanium to make the watch causes it to be lighter than most dive watches. It has a water resistance of 200M,

Watch specifications

· 200M water-resistant

· Battery-powered analog/digital Citizen Japanese Quartz movement

· Titanium case with sandblasted finishing

· Rubber Watchband

· Unidirectional rotating bezel

· Sport style, Screwdown Bezel

· Mineral Glass Crystal

· Luminous filled dial and hands

· 46mm case size


3. Citizen EcoZilla

Nicknamed with reference to Godzilla, The Citizen Pro-master Ecozilla has a case width of 48mm, a thickness of 18.6mm, and around 165g of weight. The case is huge and the bezel runs smoothly.

It is Water resistant of up to 300m or 990 feet, manufactured with top-notch materials, and thanks to the Eco-drive technology powering its movement, has a very long power reserve.

Watch specifications

· BB73 Eco-drive Caliber (Citizens Analog quartz movement)

· Stainless Steel anti-magnetic case

· One way rotating bezel

· Urethran strap

· Crystal glass

· 300M water resistant

4. Citizen Eco-drive Promaster ‘Orca’

Citizen’s Orca is a great watch to consider buying whether you are a diver or not. It has unique features such as a lightweight titanium case, awesome night display, easy-to-read dial, solar powered, and a unidirectional bezel perfect for timing dives.

Watch specifications

· In-house Caliber E168 Eco-Drive solar quartz movement.

· Stainless steel case

· Plexiglass Crystal

· 200M water-resistant

· Accuracy of +/- 15 seconds

· 46mm wide

· Arrowhead second and minute hand

· Luminous dial and hands.


The Citizen watch brand is part of the few that have provided dive watches that are not only reliable but durable and affordable too.

The Eco-drive movement which powers most Citizen watches has made them unique in the diving world, and the watches’ accuracy is second to none.

For every water-related purpose and financial budget, there is a Citizen dive watch available.

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