Are Liv watches Swiss-made or made in China?

LIV Swiss watches is a watch company based in Miami, United States.
The first LIV swiss watch was released in 2014 – the Genesis X1 Swiss Quartz Chronograph. In 2018, LIV watches became the first watch group to experiment with titanium and ceramic to make timepieces.

LIV watches are 100% Swiss-made, and NOT made in China or any other Asian country.

Where are Liv watches manufactured

Liv watches are manufactured by hand and assembled in Lucerne, the Heart of Switzerland, where the watchmaking tradition goes back for many generations.

Are all of Liv’s watches made in Switzerland


All LIV watches are made in Switzerland. From the movement to the dial onto the casing, every bit and piece of the watch is made in Switzerland.
The only part that  is not swiss mde are for the bands, which are curated from France or Italy, but are later hand stitched in Switzerland.

Where are Liv watches based

The watch company is based in Miami Florida.

However, the production and distribution are handled in Switzerland. Only managerial and administrative activities take place at the base in Florida.

 What movement does Liv watches have

LIV watches make use of Swiss quartz movement.

The movements are sourced from leading Swiss movement makers like ETA and Ronda, and are hand adjusted and tested to ensure precision and accuracy. LIV also makes use of the Sellita movement.

The movement is the beating heart of a watch and must be handled delicately and with finesse.

Are Liv watches hand-made

Eventhough they are a young brand, Liv watch groups are committed to traditional watchmaking techniques that stand the test of time. Hence the reason why Liv watches are delicately handmade and assembled.

Choosing to produce watches by hand, in such a technologically advanced world was a bold step taken by the Liv Watch Group as this is the most expensive and time-consuming way to go about watchmaking. The founders assured the public that the watches are handled by 55 skilled craftspeople, and are fine-tuned by over 9 skilled master watchmakers to ensure perfection.
It takes about 55 steps and as many as 206 parts to make a single LIV watch.

Does Liv make their watches themselves, or use a third-party manufacturer

LIV watches make all their timepieces themselves and do not involve third-party companies or watchmaking ateliers.

They have their workshop in Switzerland where almost a hundred skilled craftsmen are dedicated to working the magic of a hand-crafted Swiss-made LIV watch.

What makes up a LIV Swiss Watch

1. The three-part layered cases; are constructed from either stainless steel, high-grade titanium, or a bronze titanium alloy.

2. A four-layered sandwich construction dial with uniquely stenciled numbers.

3. BGW9 Luminescence; applied on the dial for visibility at night or in dark environments.

4. Sapphire Crystal interiors: Scratch-resistant and carefully coated with anti-reflective coating

5. Accurate Swiss movement to ensure smooth gliding of the hands while going around the dial.

6. Top-quality leather straps: Curated from the best French and Italian tanneries before being handcrafted and individually stitched.

Does Liv make good watches

Yes! LIV Watch Group makes good watches.
LIV watches are twice the quality of similarly priced watches and half the price of similar top-quality watches. 

They achieved this by cutting off the retailer markups. Without argument, Esti and Chaz have delivered their promise of producing durable and affordable watches, with perfect craftsmanship.
They have interesting sporty designs and an overall better quality/price ratio than many famous brands. Their customer service is also top-notch.

Is LIV watches a luxury brand

Liv watches is a reputable and premium luxury brand.

If you are looking for affordable and practical luxury watches, LIV watches are some of the best you can find. Their watches are made with premium quality and high-end materials. LIV is a brand dedicated to delivering quality to its clients, no matter the cost. It is a solid watch brand that has you covered, whether you are looking to shop for a casual, pilot, or diver look.

Who owns Liv watches

LIV watches is owned by founder, Esti, and her husband/co-founder, Chaz Chazanow.

Esti, who had worked in the watchmaking industry for over 20 years, went ahead to start her watch group and run it with all the knowledge that she had gotten from her working experience.

She desired to produce watches that weren’t typical mass-produced watches, but highly personable niche watches that combined durability, affordability, and excellent craftsmanship together.
Chazanow launched a Crowdfunding campaign to help raise money to fund her ideas. Liv watches are the most successfully crowdfunded Swiss watch brand to date. Not just in America, but worldwide.

Press Reviews

Liv watches have only been around for a short while. Yet, they have managed to catch the eyes of some of the biggest magazines in the Fashion and entertainment industry. After a close and critical inspection of these luxury watches, here is a little recap of what some of the magazines had to say.

Their master watchmaker personally sources from top Swiss movement makers so you can rest assured every watch is made to last.


“Esti: They are both Swiss made but the new automatic GX1-A is more true to Swiss watchmaking traditions

                                                                                  -Forbes Magazine.

Hand built in Switzerland…Together, these qualities make it an attractive, yet extremely durable watch..”

                                                                                  -BUSINESS INSIDER


Eventhough its a new brand thats based and developed in the US, LIV swiss watches are 100% swiss made.
The entrepreneurs started a product that didnt existed before – an american watch brand, made according to the highest standards of the watch industry – swiss made watches that made in switzerland by hand by swiss watchmakers.

LIV watches was never made in china, and it doesnt look like they ever will be. The philosophy of LIV watch group is to produce swiss-made watches, just like the big names in this industry.

 Attention to detail is one of the strengths that the Liv watch group possesses. Quality is taken very seriously by the brand, so one would understand why the watch group will dedicate themselves to taking the more expensive and time-taking route and produce all of they’re watches in switzerland, by swiss watchmakers.

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