Are Omega watches worth the money?

Whenever the name, “OMEGA” is heard, the image that comes to anyone’s mind is a prestigious Swiss-made watch with a heavy price tag. 

But that is not all there is to this luxury brand. 

Recognized as the seventh most famous Swiss luxury brand, Omega watch brand provides a fine balance between aesthetics and technology.

“Are Omega watches worth the money” is a frequently asked question among collectors. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one will like. 

The worth of an Omega watch to you depends on your view of a luxury watch.

 Omega has been in the spotlight for years starting from the launch of Apollo 11 (where the Seamaster had its first experience of going to space) to being continuously featured on popular movies show “James Bond”. 

are Omega watches good?

Omega is not just a brand, it is one of the best value for money brands. 

They make high-quality watches, achieving numbers with which other brands cannot compete. 

An Omega watch is the kind of watch you wear into a room and people can gauge bank accounts through it. If anything, the name backing the watch is another feature that makes buying a luxury watch such as Omega worth it.

Omega watches, in particular, are appealing to those who want to make a fashion statement while also keeping their look chic and timeless. 

Omega’s mechanical precision has only gotten better with time, showing how these watches hold their value. It has extremely high-quality standards for all the products it creates, and this reflects through the workmanship and materials used in making the watch.

It is worth buying an Omega watch. You get a high quality timepiece that is accurate and fashionable with a prestigious brand name behind it.

Are Omega watches overpriced?

Frankly, all luxury watches are overpriced. I mean why pay so much money for a device that tells the time when you can just check your phone? 

But there is something about wearing a traditional timepiece on your wrist that phones cannot offer and will cause a person to spend as much as possible to get one. 

Omega watches are one of these ‘overpriced’ watches.

Why are Omega watches expensive? First and foremost, the brand itself is famous, has a long history of watchmaking heritage, and is highly demanded in the market. 

This alone can skyrocket the price of any watch. Secondly, they are expensive because of the heavy investment they put into production.

It takes more than the regular raw materials to be termed as luxury, so Omega uses materials such as gold, titanium, stainless steel, Sapphire Glass, Ceramic, etc. These materials are a part of the factors that seem to make an Omega watch look overpriced.

You should also keep in mind the level of craftsmanship, experience and professionalism take part in engineering, designing and making of these watches. This level of quality has a price, Omega is not your ordinary G-shock.

Omega watches average $6000 and Worth Every Penny

As stated earlier, all luxury watches are overpriced, but there is a degree to how much. Don’t get it wrong, all luxury brands provide a number of features and materials for the prices they are sold at, so it’s not like you are paying thousands of dollars for scrap metal.

When compared with brands like Tudor, Cartier, and Breitling who aren’t on the same rank level with Omega, the brand seems like an expensive bite out of the luxury cake. 

But moving higher to brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantine, Omega prices become much more reasonable to the common man.

Omega watch prices range from $2000 all the way to $60,000 with the average watch prices between $3000 and $9000. 

Other watches in its rank usually start their price ranges from $6000 so Omega is pretty humble when compared to its competitors on the big scale.

We also gathered amazing tips on how you can afford an Omega watch.

Omegas are made from high quality materials

Omega watches uses high quality materials. 

The materials involved in the craft are ceramic blends, silicon, and alloys of precious metals including titanium. 

They also possess the best of movements and calibers which require great parts and a sizable amount of money to manufacture.

Omega watches have good craftsmanship

Omega is known for its traditional workmanship. 

They stick to the process which Swiss watchmakers have inculcated over time, then spice it up with some modern features as the icing on the cake. 

Omega watches are Swiss made, and that alone is a symbol of great craftsmanship.
Because it means that each watch has gone through a required standard and come forth as qualified.

Omega Watches are extremely accurate

Omega watches are really accurate. 

They make not only mechanical watches but they have been innovators in quartz watch technology too. Quartz watches, as we all know, are more accurate than their mechanical counterparts. 

In addition, Omega mechanical and quartz movements undergo the rigorous tests of COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) – the high precision certification of Swiss watches.

Omega has set precise records that not many watch companies have achieved especially with their watches still being accurate when in space. 

The accuracy and precision of Omega watches is another reason why they are worth the money.

Are Omega watches durable?

These watches are made to tell the time forever, if you keep your Omega watch serviced you can wear the watch for generations.

Omega watches are very durable and can last for years. 

The estimated lifespan of an Omega watch is between 40 to 70 years; although this can be affected by tons of reasons. This estimation depends on the model, the movement, and the overall treatment of your watch.

Proper care and maintenance of the watch could improve the durability of the watch and even exceed the 70 years expectation. 

The service frequency is also dependent on the use and environment it is worn, but it is recommended that a full service should be carried out every 5 to 8 years and advice that the water resistance be checked every year.

Does Omega have a warranty?

Yes, ALL Omega watches come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty covering the repair of any material or manufacturing defects that exist at the time of delivery and during the warranty period and given that no third party workshop has handled your watch.

Your valid warranty certificate presents you the right to have any defects repaired free of charge. 

This warranty is voided if any work carried out on the watch is by persons unauthorized by Omega or defects caused due to personal neglect of the watch.

Omega stands in one line with high-end luxury watch brands

It is no news that Omega watches are ranked among the luxury watch brands, and I am not referring to entry-level luxury. 

The demand, design, materials used and craftsmanship of the watches have deemed Omega watches as worthy to be called luxury watches. 

So buying an Omega watch is not as simple as buying a watch, you are buying into a lifestyle and everything it is worth.

Will an Omega watch go up in value?

Any Omega is likely to be a valuable investment. 

The value is also dependent on the popularity, model, the amount you paid, and new or used because not all Omega watches go up in value. 

But generally speaking, Omega watches tend to keep their value, just like a Rolex watch. Special edition watches are Omega watches that tend to go up in value like the Omega Moonwatch.

In the same illustration, an Omega watch can lose its value even as much as from 20 percent to 40 percent in the initial year. So it is important to know and understand the market value of any Omega watch before making plans to invest in them.

Omega watches Are respected among the watch community

Omega has proven to be a reliable brand on land, sea and even in space. 

Omega has a proud and rich history and they do make great tool watches. 

In its own right, Omega is a very highly respected brand in the horology world and rightly so, due to their marvelous achievements of the past.

Does Omega have a rich watchmaking history and heritage?

Omega is also a brand with a long history and reputation. 

Every Omega watch has been crafted in Switzerland since the brand’s inception in1848. 

This means that sustainable values at the core of the watch industry ​​are maintained in the production process of every watch.

The 2 most recognizable Omega watches

Omega Speedmaster

It is popularly regarded as the Moonwatch. The Omega Speedmaster, is often credited as being the first watch to be worn on the surface of the moon, and NASA has often approved Omega watches to be worn on space missions, since its success during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

The Moonwatch has appreciated in value significantly since the announcement of its discontinuation. It is a limited edition watch which is highly sought after, and therefore has a resounding resale value.

The Omega Seamaster 300M

 Has held its value over the past year and remains a great choice for watch lovers. The collection is well-known across the world and has a huge audience. It is an absolute classic that will always be in high demand, making it an ideal investment opportunity. It is a unisex watch and is always worth the money.

Conclusion – Are omega watches worth buying? 

It is only you that can decide if an Omega watch is worth it for you.

But it is 100% recommended that anyone who considers buying an Omega watch should do it, that is, if you have a means of affording it. 

Omega watches are beautiful, practical watches that will fit any outfit of choice. They have a rich watchmaking heritage and are recognized by many people. Some models are also very valuable and fetch good returns later on.

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