Is Casio Sheen a good watch?

Casio took a different turn with the Sheen Series. The collection shifted its main focus from Rugged looking watches to softer and more elegant designs

The Casio Sheen is a new brand of ladies’ watches from Casio and it offers many models.

The Casio Sheen series is made of purely analog and unique timepieces for daily wear as they are versatile and tailored to meet the high demands of modern and confident women.

Should you buy the Casio sheen watch?

Jewelry and watches are an essential part of a woman’s style, and a Casio Sheen watch is a perfect choice. 

These watches are analog dress watches, made with the best of materials and they are relatively affordable.

The Casio Sheen watch is a good watch to buy.

They are stylish, versatile (some models conveniently blend in as sports watches), and comfortable to wear. They are also embellished with Swarovski elements as a means of beautification.

A Sheen Casio watch portrays a woman’s style as much as any other top-notch piece of jewelry does.

The Sheen is Classy, Functional, And Affordable

The watches in this collection are as classy as they are functional. They can be reserved for special events and can also fit into a lady’s everyday life. 

The collection offers sophisticated watches and some that are subtle with a minimalist design. They can also be a good adornment for sportswomen.

The collection is dominated by several basic colors: black, white, silver, gold, and red. Individual models combine these colors in different ways. 

In addition, the hands of the watch are covered with a fluorescent coating.

The Casio Sheen series has stylish designs, fashionable accents, and craftsman’s precision, and it also portrays a masterful, feminine, and understated design.

Casio only produces analog watches in this collection but the watches feature a reliable quartz movement.

The vast collection is available in different designs, giving every woman multiple options to select from. 

Casio Sheen’s features

The general features of a  Casio Sheen watch include:

  • Sapphire crystal

Casio sapphire crystal used by Casio in the Sheen watches collection is a major selling point for the brand because watches in this same quality bracket are twice as expensive.

  • Japan-based movement

All Sheen Casio watches come with a reliable Japan-made movement. The accuracy of the movement is +15 -20 seconds and the battery life is 2-3 years.

  • Date display

Each Sheen Casio watch is equipped with a date display. Some models have day displays and twenty-four-hour indicators.

  • 50 M water resistance

All products of Sheen are water-resistant to at least 50 meters. It means this watch can survive a downpour and splashes.

  • Tough Solar

Tough solar is a solar-powered technology owned exclusively by Casio and is featured in the company’s list of products. 

This battery recharging system ensures the stable operation of various power-hungry functions, including dial lighting, alarms, stopwatches, and measurement functions.

  • Swarovski crystals

Most Sheen watches are adorned with Swarovski crystals on the stainless steel bezel and watch hands.

The sheen is Casio quality, Meaning It Is Really Good

The Casio Sheen series, like other models from the Japanese manufacturer Casio, is of high quality and very good for buying.

The watches feature exquisite and luxury materials such as titanium, ceramic, sapphire glass, genuine leather, and Swarovski elements crystals. 

Not only do they feature high-quality components, but they are also functional and comfortable to wear.

All materials used in the manufacture of watches: stainless steel, authentic leather, or sapphire crystal are distinguished by their high quality and durability. 

Their reliability is confirmed by the manufacturer’s warranty for each watch from the Sheen collection.

How long does a Casio sheen last?

The battery contained in the Japan movements present in each Casio Sheen watch has a minimum lifespan of 3 years.

The lifespan of the watch itself is completely dependent on the use and conditions the watch is exposed to, but being a Casio, it will probably last for decades.

Is Casio sheen a luxury watch?

Casio Sheen is not a luxury sub-brand of Casio as they do not make luxury watches.

The collection consists of watches made with the best of materials and allows for comfort, but it does not fit into the standard definition of a luxury watch.

A luxury watch is a watch such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Etc. Even though the Sheen is a good-looking and high-quality watch, it doesn’t fall into the definition of a luxury watch.

What movement does Sheen use?

Casio Sheen watches are powered by Japan-based movements. Some of these movements are Seiko and Miyota movements.

Casio also produces its in-house movement for the Sheen Watch Collection.

What is the price range for this model?

Casio Sheen watches are affordable, way more affordable than most other watches in their ranks.

On offline and online stores, the price range for Sheen watches is $35 to $550.

The Sheen Collection has a model For every woman

Casio Sheen collection is known for its multitude of models, These models provide options that accommodate many women’s style choices and lifestyles.

The collection is made up of 5 series namely:

1. SHE-3065 Series

2. Pink Gold and Blue Hand Series

3. SHE-3064 series

4. SHE-4051 Series

5. SHE-3062 Series

Out of these five series, the best three models are:

Casio Sheen SHE-3061SG-4AUDR (SX212) Multi Dial Women’s Watch

This watch has a 36mm ion-plated case, houses a silver round dial, and is protected by mineral glass. The dial consists of three hands, roman and stick dial type (stick markings at the five-minutes interval, Roman marking at the twelfth-hour position), three sub-dials showing date, day, and 24-hour indicator, and the Swarovski crystal bezel.

The case material is Stainless steel, and so is the strap. The watch has a water resistance of 50M. It possesses quartz movement so accuracy is not a big issue. It is a dress watch so you can wear it to events and functions.

Casio Sheen Classic SHE-4052PGL-7AUEF

This is another fashionable watch from the Sheen collection and it is a perfect addition to your everyday look. The watch features a pearly steel case and a precise Japanese movement whose battery can survive up to 3 years. 

This model is fashionable and very comfortable. The model is on a blue strap made of genuine leather. The strap is very durable and comfortable to wear.

 A mineral crystal serves as protection against shocks and scratches and perfectly goes with the pearly case. It has a water-resistance level of 50 meters.

Casio Sheen Analog (SHE-4532PGL-7AUDF)

This watch’s dial color is silver and it is protected by Sapphire Glass material. It is an analog watch with quartz movement.

The case material is Stainless steel, the water resistance is 50 meters, and the bracelet ends with a buckle clasp.


Casio Sheen watches are elegant, bold, and versatile. They are relatively accurate, nicely adorned, made with quality materials, and best of all, affordable. This is enough to convince anyone that Casio Sheen watches are good watches.

They are part of the best-selling ladies’ watches from respected Japan-based watch and electronics manufacturer – Casio. 

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