Is It Worth Buying A Tudor Watch?

Although not a popular brand, Tudor is the sister brand to Rolex as it was founded by one of the co-founders of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. 

Tudor has wonderful aesthetics, high functionality, and is reasonably priced when compared to other high-end luxury watch brands.

Tudor watch brand is well known for its tool watches, most especially its military and professional dive watches. 

In its segment of semi-luxury watches, Tudor watches are among the best and are therefore worth buying.

are Tudor watches good?

Tudor was created to provide the same quality and craftsmanship as Rolex but on a more affordable price scale. As anyone would care to testify, Rolex watches are high-quality watches and therefore reflect the same in Tudor. 

These watches are gorgeous, produced with materials of highest quality, are long lasting, functional, and are also available at a much more reasonable price than a lot of other luxury watches.

Every Tudor watch you buy provides you a high-quality timepiece equipped with in-house movement with the finishing of craftsmen with rich watch making heritage.

The Poor Man’s Rolex

Tudor watches are classified as semi-luxury watches but are simply entry-level watches in the world of luxury timepieces. Famously known as the poor man’s Rolex, Tudor watch prices fall into a lower category than most luxury watch brands, and can therefore be called an “affordable luxury brand”.

All Tudor Watches Swiss-made

Swiss-made is a synonym for quality because Switzerland was the birthplace of the watch industry. That’s where most of the knowledge, heritage, and professionalism is.

All of the movements in Tudor watches are 100% Swiss made, and all parts of the watch are manufactured and assembled in various facilities around Switzerland, while the final assembly takes place in Tudor’s headquarters in Geneva.

Another standard to fulfill to truly be a Swiss made watch is that 60% of the watch’s manufacturing costs are from Switzerland. 

Tudor has its complete manufacturing costs from Switzerland so its watches are Swiss-made in every single way you choose to view them.

Tudor uses top-tier materials to produce its watches

The materials used in producing Tudor watches are made of top-tier raw materials that are also used by some of the world’s luxury watch brands.

Tudor uses expensive materials such as 316L stainless steel for the case and bracelets, anti-scratch Sapphire crystals for the face of the watch, titanium in some of their models and features forms of gold as adornments in special models.

Tudor uses some of the finest materials possible and managed to make it for an affordable price.

Do Tudor watches have good craftsmanship?

Tudor manufactures hand-made watches that are well-finished and have quality materials which signify the presence of good craftsmanship.

This craftsmanship is complemented by the rich watchmaking history and workmanship that Tudor inherited from Rolex.

When it comes to accuracy, Tudor falls behind

Tudor watches are mostly powered by mechanical movements with a handful of ETA movements. 

While the ETA Tudor watches are highly accurate being quartz movements, the mechanical watches have limitations.

Mechanical watches do not have perfect accuracy. 

The accuracy of a Tudor mechanical watch is affected by factors such as temperature, gravity, position meaning that the accuracy of a Tudor watch differs according to its location.

Thankfully, they are COSC accurate which gives them an accuracy of -4/+6 to +/-10 seconds per day.

Tudor watches are durable and will last a lifetime

Tudor has always provided durable watches embedded with style. A Tudor watch can last for many years, possibly a lifetime if it is handled properly and serviced regularly.

Just like Rolex, Tudor watches are fit to be passed from generation to generation simply because of how long they can last.

Does a Tudor watch hold value?

Tudor watches hold their value, and that is pretty much it. 

The value of a watch increases greatly when the supply of the watch is far below the demand and unfortunately, Tudor has a fair ratio between these two factors.

Models like the Heritage Black Bay and the Black Bay ’58 are very popular and high in demand, and their values increase steadily. So if you are interested in a Tudor watch that would increase in value, it would only be worth the purchase if it’s a popular model. 

Are Tudor watches good investments?

Generally, Tudor watches are not good investments as only a fraction of their models tend to hold value or even appreciate. 

Tudor watches are not investments that just anyone can make. It takes knowledge and good research to know which Tudor watch will be a good investment.

There are two models that stick out in popularity when it comes to possible investment opportunities. The models that stick out are the Tudor Pelagos and the Tudor Black Bay.

For some years, Tudor Pelagos had an increasing value of up to 26%. These two watches have each experienced value increases of about $900 and explicitly sell for more money than they were bought.

Tudor watches are respected among watch enthusiasts

Ever since the re-launch in 2009, Tudor has gained respect from watch enthusiasts with the excellent watches it began to produce. 

The company has grown largely and has dissociated itself from the overly protective covering of Rolex and is now a loved name among watch collectors and enthusiasts.

What are the most 4 recognizable Tudor watches?

Tudor currently offers five categories of watches with many sub-models. But out of all these categories, there are watches that simply stand out and draw attention to its wearer.

Tudor Black Bay fifty-eight

This watch takes inspiration from Tudor’s original brand of watches giving it a vintage look. It is a Diver’s watch that doubles as a sports and dress watch. 

It is waterproof up to 200M, has either stainless steel or leather straps and has a sleek gold finish on the hour, hands, and minute markers.

Pelagos FXD

Pelagos watches are Tudor’s exemplary watch line which has a unique feature – titanium bracelets with a folding clasp and a Tudor-patented auto-adjustable spring that allows for adjustment. 

The Pelagos watch is resistant to 500M and has an escape valve feature that protects the watch from damages. 

It is also shock, vibration and scratch resistant. Tudor Pelagos is the first Tudor watch to be made from lightweight titanium.

Tudor Pelagos line was launched shortly after the Rolex Submariner but is the cost-effective yet equally durable option.

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner

With striking resemblance to Rolex’s very own submariner, Tudor Oyster Prince was the first waterproof watch by Tudor but has proved to not only be a perfect dive watch but a useful field watch too. 

The watch survived harsh conditions it was exposed to on the wrists of miners and construction workers as a test of its durability. 

Tudor Oyster Prince is much appreciated among militants and other field personnel.

Tudor Women’s Watch collection

Tudor women’s watch collection entails a broad spectrum of elegant watches and smaller sized versions of men’s bestsellers. 

Tudor Women’s Watches include;
naming a few: the sporty elegant Tudor Royal, the classic-looking Tudor Glamor Date and Tudor Clair de Rose, and the diving watch Tudor Black Bay in smaller case and bracelet sizes.

So, are Tudor watches worth buying?

“Are Tudor watches worth buying” is a subjective question as everyone has different preferences. 

Tudor is a good brand that offers great value for the money, and in my opinion worth buying. 

If you seek a watch that has the same quality as a premium luxury brand but with a friendlier price-tag, Tudor is a good choice for you.

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