Longines Watch is worth buying (The surprisingly good brand)

Many years down the line and after many administrative changes, Longines is a success known for producing accurate timepieces that have been adopted in the world of sports as an official timekeeper for many sports.

We’ve reviewed the brand from every angle – Longines watches are worth buying; they are high-quality, water-resistant, luxurious and durable watches that will give you good value for your money.

Longines watches are Good Quality And Worth The Price

Longines watches are considered good quality watches although the watch community claims there has been a decline in quality long after the Swiss company started production in the late 19th century.

Even with the acclaimed decline, Longines watches are still reputed to have quality embedded in them (now imagine how they were when they were first released) so every Longines watch is a credible purchase. 

Longines watches are made with expensive materials such as alloy gold, diamonds, alligator leather, mother of pearl, and alloys of Steel. All Longines models also come with sapphire crystals as an anti-reflective coating and extra protection for the watch. 

These high-quality and highly priced materials influence the cost of production of each watch and the price-ranges.

Longines Watches are worth every bit – The watches are accurate, durable, valuable, and best of all – affordable.

Longines watches have good craftsmanship

Longines watches have excellent craftsmanship. They are not mass-produced so each watch receives adequate attention from the many skilled watchmakers present in the workshop.

One of the initial founders, Agassiz already had good head knowledge of how to make a functional yet prestigious Swiss timepiece, so it was not difficult for him and his partners to put together a team of qualified craftsmen to help bring his ideas to life.

Longines watches are respected among watch enthusiasts

The watch quality is greatly appreciated and so is the elegance of the watch. Another feature that attracts the watch community is the affordability of the watches and the potential investment opportunities in them.

Longines is sponsored by a rich Swiss watchmaking legacy. 

The brand has a long history of making watches – it started out at a time when there was a demand for watches that would help people who loved sports. 

It was then established by the long-standing watchmaking traditions that have powered the Swiss watch industry for many years.

Longines Watches Are Super Accurate

Longines watches are accurate to +/-5 seconds a year. 

That is top-tier precision and is not commonly found with many brands in present times. 

The watches feature COSC certified movements which mean they have been passed through the seven parts of rigorous testing and have come out as accurate as possible even though they are not all quartz watches.

These equipped mechanical movements are made of mono crystalline silicon balance-spring, which helps the watches to stay accurate when there’s disturbance from a magnetic field, gravity, atmospheric pressure, or a variation in temperature.

Longines watches are so accurate that they have been appointed as official timekeepers for many sports like the French Open, Formula One World Championship, Commonwealth Games and Archery World Cup. 

Longines Will last for a long time

Longines watches are durable and built to last for a long time. This is one of the reasons they are such good investments. 

Each model passes through a quality inspection process before being labeled and these tests confirm the durability of each watch. The methods used in Longines watchmaking ensure precision and durability.

Longines has a widespread reputation and is indeed famous for the durability of its watches. 

They have been tested in extreme scenarios such as ice skating and aviation, proving their robustness and reliability. 

If you need a watch that you are confident about how long you can hold on to it, then a Longines watch is worth buying.

Every Part Of Longines Watches Are Swiss-made

Yes, all Longines watches are Swiss-made. Every part of their production takes place in Switzerland and according to International Swiss Standards. They are, therefore, Swiss-made to the core.

Longines is also a luxury Swiss watch brand and is often classified in the entry-level luxury watch rank. Each Longines watch carries the ‘Swiss-made label”.

Longines Watches Are Reliable Thanks to their umbrella group – Swatch

Long ago, sportsmen needed a device that could help them calculate the amount of time spent on a game, and amidst that crisis, Longines was born.

Longines watches are very reliable. 

They have been tested in extreme scenarios and have proved their robustness and reliability. The materials used to produce the case, strap and bracelets are solid and robust. 

Longines watches are primarily run on ETA movements, thanks to their umbrella group – Swatch watch Group, which are reliable and can also be found in many Swiss watches.

Longines Are entry level luxury watches That Worth their price

Longines are luxury watches but when ranked accordingly, it sits comfortably on the entry-level section. 

Obviously it is not on the same level as Rolex or Patek Philippe, but the brand is better off with its luxury watches when compared to its fellow entry-level brands like Hamilton, Rado, Oris, or Tissot.

Longines is a luxury brand that is still within the reach of many people but not affordable to every single person, giving it a ‘mass market’ feel.

Will a Longines watch hold value?

Generally speaking, Longines watches hold their value.
But when looking at specifics, this value retention differs from model to model. 

Most Longines watches are timepieces that increase in value and the increment in price could range from $100 to $5,000 for regular watches and much more for vintage Longines watches.

There is no doubt that Longines watches hold and increase in value quite well, but there are two models that really stand out in this aspect. They are: Vintage Longines and Longines Heritage.

Longines Can Be a good investment

Buying a Longines watch is also a reasonable investment. 

They may not appreciate as much as a high-level luxury brand will, but they hold their value well and statistics show an increase in value over the years.

Longines watches have the ability to attract attention from the watch community, enthusiasts, and collectors alike.  

Longines also cultivates appreciation for their vintage models by actually restoring their old watches and reselling them right on their website

The 2 most recognizable Longines watches

· Longines HydroConquest

This beautiful Longines watch is highly notable for its matte dial, polished case, multiple surface finishes and outstanding bezel. The black ceramic bezel symbolizes the company’s stature in the industry.

This Longines dive watch is 200m water resistant with a quality black rubber strap.

The Hydro Conquest also includes an impressive movement which is accurate to a fault.

Longines Hydroconquest is an intriguing watch which should be considered a worthy purchase to fashion lovers of the brand.

·  Longines Conquest VHP

Conquest V.H.P is the watch that comes to mind when trying to expatiate on the durability of a Longines watch. 

The watch’s battery is so durable it can last up to 5 years without needing a change and yet, still be functional. 

When the battery power left is not enough to keep the watch running precisely, its hands automatically go into sleep mode at the 12-hour position.

It also includes a perpetual calendar that automatically sets itself according to the lengths of months and leap years, but there is an inclusion of a magic crown which allows the owner to reset the watch manually if need be.

The cases of this luxury watch use high-quality stainless steel that comes in different sizes: 41mm and 43mm for the three-handers and 42mm or 44mm for the chronograph. Its black carbon dial and indexes are coated with Super-Luminova. 

As an added benefit, it is water-resistant up to 50-meters.

Conclusion – Longines watches worth buying

Durability and accuracy are two major selling points for the Longines watch brand. 

Time and time again, these watches have proved to be reliable, respected and appreciated by watch enthusiasts.

Longines watches are also made with excellent premium materials that do not disappoint. The brand builds watches for different types of people, or their lifestyle choices. 

They are carefully manufactured (with no trace of mass production). 

Longines is a watch brand that is worth your money and will give you value for every penny spent.

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