Orient watches review | Are Orient Watches Good?

Orient is one of the most famous Japanese brands. It is Japan’s largest producer of mechanical watches.

The Orient Watch Company has been a well-known and respected watchmaking brand for a long time. 

The company is best known for its exceptional mechanical watches. It has been producing well-crafted automatic watches with its in-house movements for over seventy years.

How is Orient these days?

Orient is one of the top three watch brands in Japan, and its watches are proof of how it got there. It is ranked alongside Seiko and Citizen.

Orient watches are synonymous with precision, making watches with unbeatable accuracy. Orient automatic watches are noted for being reliable and affordable.

The build quality of Orient watches has continued to increase as years go by. And the company seems to continually be dedicated to improving its movements and functions.

Orient strives to provide the best standards and maintain a high-quality level in each watch.

The Bottom Line

Orient makes good watches.

Its timepieces are labeled as quality, precise, accurate, and reliable. They meet the standards expected from watches in their price range.

With Orient, you will get good value for your money. Orient’s in-house movements and low prices are a combo most Japanese watches try to beat.

Orient Watch Review

How Is the Orient watches’ quality?

Orient makes good quality Japanese-made watches with mechanical movements that you can easily afford.

They are not high-end but are some of the finest watches on the market. You can be assured of reliability with an Orient watch.

The Orient Watch company takes quality and craftsmanship very seriously when producing their watches. They manufacture each watch under strict Japanese quality and standards.

The materials Orient Use

From the materials used in producing Orient watches, you can tell that Orient watches are designed to be durable.

Orient watches are made of materials such as:

  • Silicone – is hard, light, and non-magnetic, and the smooth surface reduces friction-induced accuracy errors.
  • Polyurethane – lightweight and comfortable.
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass – scratch-resistant.
  • Stainless steel – corrosion resistant.
  • Gold – is resistant to corrosion.
  • Genuine leather – comfortable and resistant to wear.
  • Rubber – most suitable for dive watches.

With service, An Orient watch will last a Decade

An Orient watch may not last a lifetime but it should last about a decade.

Servicing your watch after about 5–7 years could stretch the lifespan longer, maybe even stretch to thirty years.

Sometimes, the cost of servicing an Orient watch may be equal to just getting a new one or replacing the movement, especially if it is one of those models that cost as low as $100-$200.

However, this shouldn’t stop you from servicing and taking proper care of the watch.

Most Orient watches are made In Japan

Orient Watch Company has manufacturing facilities in different countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, and Japan.

Most of the Orient’s watches are produced and manufactured in Japan.

But, higher-end models (such as Orient Star) and movements are strictly made in Japan.

Mako II, for instance, was manufactured in Hong Kong while the Orient Presage line was manufactured in Brazil, but both are assembled in Japan.

The quality of Orient watches is all the same, regardless of where they were manufactured. The materials and movements are also the same.

Not surprisingly, some Orient watches bearing the Made in Japan label may not have all their parts manufactured in Japan. 

Japanese trademark standards are not as strict as the Swiss, so it is allowed.

An Orient Watch is An affordable Watch

Orient is a perfect entry into the commune of affordable mechanical watches. They offer high-quality and affordable watches.

An average Orient watch is priced within the $100 and $300 range, and their classic dives (Ray II, Mako II, Kamasu) are usually below $150.

But, Orient Star Collection has pricier watches of $700 and above. The collection comprises more complex watches with more advanced complications and features and for higher prices.

You will never need to spend too much to own an Orient mechanical timepiece. The Orient brand of watches features many models that will suit your needs and taste.

Orient Is Into Watches since 1951

Orient Watch Company was founded in 1901 but was officially established in 1951.

The founder, Shogoro Yoshida, started his company as a watch store that sold imported pocket watches.

In 1920, Yoshida established Toyo Tokei Manufacturing, which began producing table clocks and gauges. In 1934, the company expanded and started the production of wristwatches.

When the watch business faced an economic breakdown after World War II, Toyo Tokei Manufacturing was greatly affected and shut down in 1949. The business returned in 1950 as Tama Keiki Company.

It wasn’t until 1951 that the name was changed to Orient Watch Company, known and loved today.

Luxury Is Not What Orient Is About

Orient watches are not luxury watches. However, the Orient Star is the Orient’s line of luxury watches.

Orient offers entry-level and very affordable watches. Orient Star provided high-end luxury watches before the line was discontinued in 2016. The watches from the Orient Star line are also the pricier watches from the Orient Watch Company.

Not being a luxury brand does not mean that Orient does not provide quality watches. Orient never intended to be luxury, these watchmakers are mid-range and they know it.

You can consider Orient as a better-looking Casio watch, rather than a cheap Rolex

Orient watches rank above fashion brands and below entry-level watches.

Orient ranks above designer watches such as Armani watches, Calvin Klein and Fossil and below watch brands such as Tissot and Seiko.

Orient’s rank means that you get good quality and good-looking watch for an affordable price.

Simply put, they are a mid-range watch brand.

Orient uses In-house movements

Orient is a part of the handful of watchmakers that design and make all its movements in-house.

Not only has the company been creating its movements, but Orient is also constantly upgrading and improving.

The calibers 46 series is one of the most popular in-house movements. But, as expected, Orient has upgraded most of the watches from the calibers 46 to F6, including the renowned Orient Ocean, Mako II, and Ray II.

The current F6 series operates at six beats per second and guarantees an average accuracy of  -15/+25 seconds per day (even though some models have recorded a more precise time measurement).

However, timepieces will differ in timekeeping accuracy. It all boils down to how well you take care of your timepiece and if you bother to service your watch.

Watches with Caliber F6 movements have improved functionality like hacking and hand winding, and best of all, 40 hours of power reserve.

Orient places make their movements more efficient and accurate a priority even if doing so slows down and increases the cost of production.

Is Orient a reputable watch brand?

Orient is a widely trusted brand, and its watches are rich in quality according to Japanese standards.

The Orient watch is a good watch brand that is reputable among watch owners and collectors. To many collectors, Orient is considered a pure and genuine watchmaker for creating movements in-house.

The Orient Watch has been recognized and respected for its exceptional mechanical watches and well-crafted automatics that feature its in-house movements.

Who is it for?

Orient is best known for producing dive watches and dress watches.

This implies that the watches focus on professional divers/people who love to dress up.

Orient’s models

Orient has many impressive models; a few of them are:

Orient Mako

The Orient Mako is a classy and stylish watch with an outstanding level of craftsmanship.

The series has limited-edition watches with dial colors – yellow, black, orange, and blue. The dial is characterized by stick-like indices, which mark the 12, 6, and 9 hours.

It features a 120-click unidirectional diving bezel and is Water Resistant to 200 meters (660 feet).

The movement was Upgraded to Caliber F6922, The Hand-Winding and Hacking movement with a 40 Hours Power Reserve.

Orient Mako II

Orient Bambino 2nd Generation Version III

Bambino is an epic dress watch that looks elegant and yet vintage. 

It is slim and positions itself subtly under a shirt. The watch is Water Resistant to 50 meters.

Its dial is built with a minimalist style, with subtle complexities, and is covered by a dome-shaped crystal top. There is a slight blurring effect on the sides of the domed crystal, which gives the watch a different look at different angles.

Bambino “Generations”  means this Bambino was upgraded to Orient’s F6722 caliber, an automatic hand winding movement with 40 hours of power reserve. The Version III category refers to its face design.

Orient Bambino 2nd Generation Version III

Orient Ray II

The Orient Ray II is Orient’s most famous dive watch. 

Like most of Orient’s best-sellers, Ray II movement was upgraded to Caliber F6922, providing enhanced functionality like hand-winding and hacking and better lume performance.

This upgraded watch has a 40 Hours Power Reserve.

The watch is water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet) and has a 120-click unidirectional diving bezel. It is an excellent watch deeply loved by divers.

Orient Ray II

So, Are orient watches worth buying?

Orient watches are worth buying.

They are a part of the holy trinity of Japanese watches and provide in-house movements. Orient is also reputable among aficionados.

Orient watches provide good value for money and are among the best in their ranks.

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