Where are Swan and Edgar watches made?

The Swan & Edgar brand takes its name from the store founded by George Swan and William Edgar in 1812.

In 2020, the Fields family re-introduced Swan & Edgar with the mission of building state-of-the-art British heritage watches that meet today’s luxury style aspirations. 

There have been many rumors about where Swan and Edgar watches are made, and we got the answer

Are Swan and Edgar watches made in England?

Swan and Edgars watches are made in England. Every watch is designed, manufactured and tested in England by their London-based team, making their timepieces 100% English.
Only in some pieces they use swiss-made parts.

Each watch possesses decades of watchmaking expertise. The brand is focused on delivering a timepiece of the highest quality and functionality at an affordable price and they say it is essential to them that style is matched with substance and reliability.

Is Swan and Edgar located in London?

The Swan and Edgar company is located in Harmondsworth, London.

Harmondsworth is a small village located in the London Borough of Hillingdon. It is an attractive and historic Heathrow satellite village located south of West Drayton. This has been the brand’s location since 2013. 

The original Swan and Edgar store is also located in London, although it has now been renovated and renamed the “Virgin Megastore” by its new owners, the Virgin Group.

Do Swan and Edgar design their watches themselves?

Swan and Edgar is an independent watch brand. They design and manufacture their watches themselves.

All Swan & Edgar watches are intricately hand assembled and hand finished before distribution by their experienced team in London, each timepiece possessing decades of watchmaking expertise and experience.

All of the watches’ journeys begin with a minimum of six months of research and design within the family-led London-based team. After production, the watches are quality-checked by enduring a rigorous 5-day process of quality and precision testing.

Do they use Chinese parts?

The Swan and Edgar watch brand does not make use of Chinese parts. All parts are either made in London or imported from Switzerland.

The brand is in no way associated with any Asian country when it comes to the production of its watches, and neither does it outsource part of its production to China.

Are Swan and Edgar watches any good?

The watches made by Swan and Edgar are good and of high quality. The experiences of the craftsmen are exhibited in the watches, giving the watch a traditional yet modern look. These watches can almost compete with the high luxury Swiss watch Brands as every bit of the watch is detailed.

Are Swan and Edgar watches made by one of the big watch groups

The Swan and Edgar brand does not belong to any Global conglomerate. It is a Private brand and does not belong to any parent watch group.
It handles the production, design, and distribution of watches by itself.

Best selling British models

Swan and Edgar have a large collection of watches consisting of various models, each built uniquely but still maintaining the brand’s quality.

Some of the best selling watches include: 

· Complexity Automatic-Rose

Popularly referred to as the “clean sweep”, the Complexity automatic is a highly sophisticated timepiece. This nickname is due to the sweeping second hand cutting through the broken roman numeral mid-points. 

The Complexity Automatic consists of many components, such as; the Day-Night Indicator, Day and Date & Business Quarter functions. The spatial architecture of the dial provides a balanced and considered display of these complications. The watch is powered by the sizable 210 part 20 jewel automatic movement. All of these components are staged on a multi-textured ivory white dial adding to its sophistication. This timepiece comes with a comfortable hand waxed tobacco brown leather strap and a Swan & Edgar etched logo buckle.

· World timer Automatic Steel

This next-generation watch allows you the unique perspective of viewing all time zones no matter where you are standing on Earth. The watch possesses the following specifications: 

1. Automatic Movement

2. Hand Assembled 163 Part 20 Jewel Movement

3. Functional World Timer

4. Day, Date & Month, and 24 Hour Counter

5. Luminous Hands & Indices

6. Water Resistant 3ATM

7. Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass

8. 5 Year Warranty

9. Nickel Free & Hypoallergenic IP Plating

· Ambassador automatic rose

This limited edition Swan and Edgar Ambassador Automatic Rose men’s watch, modeled after George Hammond is a Hand Assembled 163 Part 20 Jewel Movement Watch with Day, Date, Month & 24 Hour functions combined for marvelous accuracy that is both careful and considered.

The black Stainless Steel Strap with Swan & Edgar Logo delivers exceptional quality and confidence, matching the dial, while the Skeleton Caseback provides a glimpse behind the curtain and offers a unique peek into the consistent operation that keeps this watch ticking with enduring quality and precision.


1. Automatic Movement

2. Hand Assembled 163 Part 20 Jewel Movement

3. Day, Date & Month, and 24 Hour Counter

4. Tachometer

5. Luminous Hands & Indices

6. Water Resistant 3ATM

7. Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass

8. 5 Year Warranty

9. Nickel Free & Hypoallergenic IP Plating

· Ladies Yacht Diamond steel

The yacht diamond is a classy watch, designed for women who love to be practical while still stylish. The watch has the following specifications: 

1. Blue Dial

2. Single Diamond at 12 Position

3. Steel Case

4. Luminous Hands Indices

5. Water Resistant 3ATM

6. Steel Bracelet

7. Logo-Engraved Stainless Steel Caseback 

8. Steel IP Case 

9. 12 Hour Analogue

10. Water Resistant 30M

11. Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass

12. 5 Year Warranty

13. Nickel Free & Hypoallergenic Ip Plating

The timepiece is completed with a Swan & Edgar logo-engraved stainless steel case-back, and the steel bracelet matches the steel IP case, Swiss Quartz Movement.

Do Swan and Edgars watches use Swiss movement?

Swan And Edgar use Swiss movement. Although the brand makes most of its own movements, a few of its models use the Swiss Quartz movement.

Swan and Edgar’s movements are made up of over 100 individual parts which are then deep grain-finished and hand-assembled to achieve peak precision and reliability.

Is Swan and Edgar a luxury watch brand?

The watches are made with High End raw materials including luxurious hand waxed leathers, high-grade stainless steel appliances, and frictionless jewels, all of which qualify the brand as a luxury watch brand.
Even though they doesnt consider as one of the most luxurious watch makers such as IWS, Pattek, Etc, they are definitely doing their best to produce high-end, luxurious watches made by the best materials.


Swan and Edgar’s watch brand was built based on British sentiments. These timepieces embody unique moments in the country’s history, and every watch tells a story from the past. Swan and Edgar make use of their generations of watchmaking expertise to provide their customers with aesthetically pleasing and memorable timepieces. 

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