Why are dive watches expensive?

Dive watches are designed to last a lifetime, and with the intent of being able to pass them down, even to generations after.

When it comes to functionality, dive watches offer so much more than other watches. Dive watches are manufactured with high-quality materials and are sought after even by consumers that don’t intend on using them for diving or sea-related purposes.

What is the reason that dive watches are so expensive?

The reason dive watches are expensive is that the watch market is characterized by a slow production rate and high demand, coupled with the fact that dive watches are extremely complex items that’s engineered and tested to be as practical and durable as possible.

Like any other Luxury watch, dive watches are designed, made, finished, and tested extensively (dive watches more than other types of watches), before they leave the factory and are introduced into the global market.

Are dive watches really expensive? What is their price compared to other watches?

Dive watches are practical. This alone differentiates them from other sports watches. They have to cost more than your regular watch because they have to be able to tell time well, and do so perfectly while under massive pressure underwater.

Dive watches also have to fit a specific set of requirements, and these requirements cost a lot of money. So since the cost of production is already high, the sales price of the watches will be high also.

The price of a dive watch is higher when compared with other watches, regardless of the brand that produces them.

Does making a watch waterproof make it more expensive?

Firstly, there is no such thing as a ‘waterproof watch’. Any brand trying to sell the idea of a waterproof watch to you should immediately raise alarms.

The process of making a “water-resistant” watch is overly expensive. Yes, they make use of expensive materials to produce them, but asides from that, there are a series of rigorous tests that come after the watch production.

These tests are designed to assume as many extreme scenarios as possible, and for a long time. Testing a watch that way is not cheap, hence the price of dive watches is expensive.

The start and finish of making a watch that is meant to stand strong in a territory it isn’t supposed to be in (water) make it more expensive than other watches.

Are dive watches made from expensive materials?

Luxury watch brands afford you watches made of premium high-quality materials and dive watches are no exceptions. 

For the functions which they are required to perform, dive watches must be produced with top-notch materials, as settling for less can result in the loss of life. A well-respected brand will produce its dive watch to be able to go underwater and from the finest materials, even if it will be used only as a dress watch.

The case of a dive watch is usually much sturdier and thicker than you would find on a normal watch, due to its ability to resist external pressure. These are usually made from stainless steel, or other tough and durable metal, preventing any damage from factors such as shock or seawater corrosion.

“For decades, watch brands have been using precious metals. But now they are reimagining, creating corrosion-resistant alloys and proprietary solutions so you can get all the benefits of stainless steel without the pesky low price” – Reginald Brack, industry expert and watch analyst for NPD Group, one of the largest market research firms in the world. 

Reginald Brack

This is a great podcast episode with Reginald Brack about collecting watches

Simply put, innovations are discovered every day in more efficient ways to make dive watches more durable, affordable, and excellent.

The bracelets are, for obvious reasons, not made with leather. Gold and Silver are naturally anti-corrosive but recently, the use of rubber and titanium bracelets has been introduced to dive watches.

What is the average price of dive watches?

Watch prices differ based on the brand selling the watch, or the retail store you are purchasing it from. Dive watches can be bought for prices as low as $200 and as high as $15,000. Here are a few models and their average prices.

*Please note that these prices are merely an estimate, and may differ depending on where you intend on purchasing your watch.

ModelAverage price
Rolex Submariner$7500 -$9700
Panerai Luminor Submersible$6500
Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Spring Drive$4000
Sinn U212$2500
Tudor Black Bay fifty-eight$3800
Omega Seamaster Diver$7500 – $8000
Blanc pain fifteen phantoms$14,000
Seiko mini Turtle$350
Orient Kanno$200

Is a dive watch worth it?

first, a dive watch is a life-saving device and is therefore really worth it. Second, this type of watch is engineered to work flawlessly under many natural forces such as pressure, corrosion, and hits.

This watch could help track how long a diver was underwater, help calculate decompression stops (to avoid the bends), and help the diver keep track of how much oxygen was in the tank. This is what makes them super important in scuba diving and watersports.

In recent times, and with the involvement of computers in all areas of life, many wonder if it is still worth buying a dive watch.

Dive watches are best for accident-prone individuals. If you are the kind of person that work with your hands, participating in sports and outdoor activities, whether it’s water activities or not, a dive watch will probably be the better choice for you.

Today, dive watches not only function great, but they also have a fashionable appeal. Yes, they have a certain style, but if you like this rugged do-it-all look then a dive watch is all the good things in one package.

Dive watches are durable, long-lasting items, made from high-quality materials and have years of engineering behind them. With watches, it is not always about ‘what it can do’. Sometimes a watch tells more of an individual’s personality than words can.

Can a dive watch last for many years?

Dive watches were designed to be around for a very long time. Theoretically, your automatic watch should keep forever—or certainly for many years.

However, that is as long as you look after it. These watches are built to resist blunt force trauma to a certain degree, absorb shock, anti-magnetic and luminous.

Dive watches are the best for accident-prone individuals. You never can tell the next natural disaster that can come your way when you are out with your watch. From accidental rainfall to falling over the side of a boat during a cruise, your watch is sure to remain by your side till death do you part.

Everything has its limit, even dive watches. When you try to exceed the watch’s set limits, it is sure to break and become useless.


Dive watches are expensive timepieces since their design, engineering, making, and testing come with high costs when done in a qualitative way. These types of watches are also made with high-grade materials and finishes, mostly in top-end facilities.

Your watch collection cannot be classified as a standard collection if it does not include a dive watch.

Practical, and easy to read, dive watches are essential for every watch collector. It has sophisticated yet intriguing features and is easy to spot based on its huge size.

You do not need to be involved in watersports to accessorize yourself with a good dive watch. Dive watches are suitable for the average man/woman to own

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