Are any Rolex watches made in Japan or Hong Kong?

From development to polishing, every stage of the creation of a Rolex watch takes place at one of the company’s four sites, giving them complete control over even the smallest aspects. Switzerland is the location of all of these facilities. 

A Rolex watch can be made in up to 7 years. The queue is typically very long as a result. This protracted waiting period has encouraged the production of numerous imitation Rolex watches, particularly in Asian nations like China and Japan.

Has there ever been a Rolex made in Japan?

Japan has never produced an original Rolex. 

Rolex has created a watch specifically for the Japanese market, nevertheless. It’s a Rolex Space Dweller watch. The visit to Japan in 1963 by Project Mercury astronauts served as the inspiration for the watch. There were just a few of these watches made available, and they were solely sold in Japan.

Rolex hasn’t created any timepiece specifically related to Japan besides the Space Dweller model. The watchmaker has never produced watches in Japan or any other Asian nation. Replica Rolex watches are the only Rolex watches made in Japan.

Can a Rolex be made in Hong Kong?

A watch made expressly for Hong Kong has not been the subject of any documented proof, but one thing is certain.
Hong Kong has never been the home of Rolex watch manufacturing.
Any Rolex timepiece marked “manufactured in Hong Kong” is a FAKE. 

Every watch aficionado should be aware that a genuine Rolex Watch is created wholly and exclusively in Switzerland. Anywhere else-made Rolex watches are forgeries and imitations of the genuine article. 

Rolex watches cannot be produced in Hong Kong since they have always had their headquarters in Switzerland.

Is there any Rolex that is made only for the Japanese or Chinese Market?

Yes! The Rolex Space Dweller.

The only market for this watch was the Japanese market. The timepiece was created to honor the Project Mercury efforts of the two American astronauts. The Japanese people welcomed them kindly throughout their tour. Rolex took advantage of the chance to create The Space Dweller, a limited edition timepiece targeted for Japan’s luxury market. 

These timepieces are vintage and highly rare because of their small, few-dozen manufacture run.

When recovered, these watches are extremely valuable vintage watches that only appreciate in value due to their extreme rarity.

Are any of the Rolex parts made in Japan or Hong Kong?

There are no Rolex parts made in Japan or Hong Kong.

As previously noted, Chen-Bourg, Bienne, or Plan-Les-Ouates are where Rolex components are produced. Rolex only purchases its watch components from these three locations. It does not purchase any other parts.

Rolex Watches Are Made Only In Three Locations In Switzerland

There are no Japanese, Chinese, or other non-Swiss movements or components in genuine Rolex watches; they are all SWISS MADE. The bottom of each dial of a genuine Rolex watch has the words “Swiss made” printed on it because only Switzerland produces them. 

From the casting of gold alloys to the machining, finishing, and assembly of the movement, case, dial, and bracelet elements, as well as gem-setting, the company has complete control over all of its vital components. 

The global headquarters of the business are in Les Acacias, Geneva, and each Rolex factory creates a distinctive component for a Rolex watch.

· The Rolex watch movements are made at the Bienne facility. Hand labor is used for assembly and movement control.

· The Chene-Bourg site includes the development and manufacture of dials as well as the gemology and gem-setting operations

· The Plan-Les-Ouates location combines the making and production of watch cases and bracelets. It is homebase to the foundry where Rolex crafts the 18ct gold alloys used for the watches.

· Geneva Acacias does the research, management, design, development, sales, communication activities, and after-sales services. This is where the final assembly of the timepieces from components delivered by the three other sites and the final quality control of the finished timepieces occurs.

Each watch in the Les Acacias facility goes through a rigorous quality control process to guarantee that it is flawlessly manufactured to Rolex’s high standards. Each watch is examined for accuracy, waterproofness, and self-winding. 

Even though many people try, Rolex watches are difficult to replicate due to their incredibly high level of craftsmanship, stringent oversight of every production step, and rigorous quality control tests. 

Watchmakers, engineers, designers, and other professionals collaborate closely from the time the watches are designed until they are manufactured at Rolex, which is home to a variety of professions.

Have Rolex Watches Always Been Made in Switzerland?

London served as the founding home of Rolex watches. But even then, all of the parts were produced in Switzerland. So they were produced in Switzerland. 

Following World War I, the business relocated to Geneva, Switzerland, where it carried on making such watches. After relocating to Switzerland, Rolex Watch Company bought every business from which they had previously sourced watch parts. 

Prior to starting a full-time watchmaking operation, the company’s principal commercial activity consisted of importing Swiss movements into London and installing them inside casings produced by other Swiss Watchmaking businesses. So indeed yes, throughout the entire history of Rolex, their watches have always been Swiss-made.

Does Rolex use Japanese movement?

Rolex watches do not use the Japanese Quartz movement. 

Only internal movements are used by Rolex. The company’s Bienne, Switzerland, atelier created this movement. Prior to Rolex’s 2004 acquisition, the workshop was Hermann Aegler’s Swiss movement manufacture. All of these internal movements are hand-assembled and examined. 

The movements of Rolex watches never tick, which is a fascinating fact. They are controlled by an absolutely silent automated movement.

Is a Rolex with a ‘made-in-japan’ stamp fake?

Any watch, posing as a Rolex watch, and bearing a ‘Made-in-…’ stamp, apart from Made-in-Switzerland is FAKE.

Any Rolex watch with a Made-in-Japan stamp is unquestionably a fake. A significant source of fake Rolex watches is Japan. These timepieces occasionally have the Made-in-Japan label.

Surprisingly, the quality of these imitation watches has improved, making it nearly impossible for a bystander to distinguish between an original and a replica.

Brief History of Rolex

Swiss watchmaking and Rolex have a shared history. Swiss watch designer and maker Rolex SA was established in Britain but is currently headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis established the Rolex company in 1905 as “Wilsdorf and Davis” in London. When Wilsdorf and Davis first started their business, their primary commercial activity centered on bringing Hermann Aegler’s Swiss movements to England and installing them in cases created by other watchmaking businesses. These timepieces were sold to jewelers, who subsequently customized the dial with their own names. The first time “W&D” engaged in any significant watchmaking business on their own was in 1908.

In 1915, the business adopted the name Rolex Watch Company Limited. 

The business was relocated to Geneva, Switzerland, where it is still located today, following World War 1. The decision to relocate was taken as a result of the adverse post-war British economy and word reaching the founders that it was more profitable to manufacture Swiss-made watches directly in Switzerland than importing the components from Switzerland. 

By 1920, the company had relaunched itself under the name Montres Rolex SA, which was later abbreviated to Rolex SA. After Hans Wilsdorf’s passing in 1960, the Hans Wilsdorf foundation has owned the business. Rolex eventually acquired all the businesses from which it had gotten its components. 

Since all of the businesses were based in Switzerland, it is clear that Rolex watches have always been entirely produced there since the company’s founding. Rolex watchmaking professionals now develop every timepiece totally in-house. Rolex still performs some tasks, such as movement construction and regulating, entirely by hand.


Rolex is a fully independent and integrated business that employs a diverse set of abilities. A Rolex watch requires years of skill and deliberate craftsmanship to produce. An excellent and robust Rolex watch is created at the end of this meticulous manufacturing process. 

The newest state-of-the-art technology is used to create every other component of the Rolex watch that isn’t created by hand. 

A Rolex watch is considered a status symbol. Since the company was founded approximately 120 years ago, a lot has changed. The business has endured, and in its never-ending pursuit of excellence, the brand consistently improves the design and technical aspects of its watches. 

Purchasing a Rolex watch is a significant and sensible purchase that will undoubtedly add value to the buyer.

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