Casio Edifice Review | Are Casio Edifice watches good?

The Edifice range, sometimes known as Casio Edifice, is one of Casio’s finest creations, right behind the hugely successful G-shock line. 

Casio is a company known for its dependable, tough, and long-lasting watches. The Edifice is not an exception, rather it is only manufactured differently. 

The Edifice series is highly well-liked by collectors because, in contrast to other Casio sub-brands, it combines elegant designs with the use of durable materials and a ton of functions.

Casio Edifice Don’t Just Look Good, They Are Good

There is value in purchasing a Casio Edifice watch. 

Along with innovative technological features that are exclusive to Casio, they feature the brand’s recognizable complicated subdials and multilayered displays. 

The quartz mechanisms in the collections are superior to those found in regular quartz watches. They are expertly built analog timepieces that are powered by high-end quartz movements.

When you acquire a Casio Edifice watch, you get a metal analog timepiece that is 100-meter water-resistant, features a stainless steel band, Tough Solar technology, Smart Access, a multifunctional chronograph, and extremely precise movements. 

At comparable price points, the Edifice line provides an alternative to bulkier G-shock watches with a more stylish yet sporty appearance. 

Unlike with most other Casio models, it won’t protrude significantly when you wear a long sleeve shirt or sweater.

The quality, design, and functions of Casio Edifice watches are excellent. They have a sleek appearance and are built of durable and cozy materials.

Explain the sub-brand 

What are the features?

Casio Edifice watches share many characteristics with other Casio watches. The designs are what distinguishes them as unique. Here are some of Casio’s Edifice’s main characteristics:

  • Waterproof

Everyone requires a water-resistant watch. A timepiece that you don’t need to constantly worry about because you never know when a spill will occur or when that deluge shower may occur. 

When creating its G-shock watches, Casio recognized this need and added this capability to all of its models, including those in the Edifice line. 

Water-resistant Casio Edifice timepieces are available in various water resistance levels. The timepieces in the Edifice range can withstand 100 meters of water pressure. 

This suggests that you are permitted to wear your watch when cleaning the dishes, washing your car, relaxing by the pool or at the poolside, taking a shower, or even swimming.

  • Solar powered

Some Edifice timepieces use Casio’s Tough Solar technology for electricity. 

These watches use a sunlight-based technology composed of microscopic cells. 

These solar-powered cells are sensitive and can detect even the smallest amounts of solar energy or light before converting it into usable power. 

Even if the only light source is weak, Tough Solar makes sure that the battery lasts a long time and recharges on its own. 

Because there is no frequent need for a battery change, it contributes to the long lifespan of Edifice watches.

Higher-end Edifice watches come with the following:

· Bluetooth smartphone connectivity,

· Automatic time adjustment

· Solar charging

·  Illuminator

The Edifice is of good quality

A costly watch is the Casio Edifice. When compared to other watches in the same price range, it offers a step up in terms of quality, design, and features. It also offers a good value for the money. 

High-end timepieces that provide customers both quality and beautiful appearance stand out as Casio Edifice watches.

How long does a Casio Edifice last?

A Casio Edifice watch ought to last the owner for at least five years. 

By performing regular servicing and maintenance, this projection can be extended. Since Edifice watches are quartz devices, batteries are needed. 

Depending on how often the watch is worn and how old the batteries are, they must be changed. Any Casio will survive a long time if it receives routine maintenance. 

Since these watches are so inexpensive, five years is really a treat for their durability.

Casio Edifice will be good for dinner and for the poolside

You can choose from hundreds of designs in the Edifice watch series, which has produced the best mid-range fashionable and chronograph watches. 

These styles can be used for formal gatherings, parties, and the fascinating world of sports. Simply expressed, the watches’ selling features are their design and use. 

The Edifice collection’s design stands out in comparison to the well-known G-Shock line in terms of quality and highlights.

  • Is Casio Edifice a luxury watch?

No! The Casio Edifice is not a luxury timepiece. Despite being at the premium end of quartz watches and offering good value for the money, they cannot be mistaken for luxury watches. 

The cost is the first expense associated with luxury. Because they are made to serve the “elite” of society, luxury watches can be rather pricey. 

Edifice watches are eliminated from the show before the audition even begins because they can be found for prices that are drastically lower than those of entry-level luxury watches. 

Without a doubt, Edifice is of far higher quality than the majority of designer watches, including in terms of the materials used, precision, and durability.

The Edifice is a statement timepiece by Casio that falls into the low to mid-range dress watch category but is not a luxury watch.

What movement does the Edifice use?

For their Edifice timepieces, Casio uses unique in-house mechanisms that are comparable to Japanese quartz movements. Some watch models are alleged to have Miyota and Seiko movements, according to the watch community.

What is the price range for this model?

Since there aren’t many pricey watches in the Edifice watch line, it’s simpler to let go and move on if necessary. 

The Edifice series’ prices range widely, and given what they deliver in relation to their asking prices, they are difficult to match. 

The more affordable variants range in price from $150 to $550. 

The high-end variants cost a few dollars more, such as the $8,495 Casio Edifice Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch – EFR-526D-1AVUDF(EX093), which is the most costly model.

How many models does it have?

The four collections that make up The Edifice Series are Standard Chronograph, Smartphone Link, Limited Edition, and Solar Powered Chronograph. 

There are 102 models in total throughout these four collections. These models include, among others:

Casio Edifice EQW-720-DC1A.

It’s an intriguing clock that was created using only Casio technology. The watch has a solar-powered battery, a perpetual calendar (set for 99 years), atomic timekeeping using Wave Ceptor, Multiband 6 technology, a solar charging system, hybrid mount construction, and an Auto Hand home position corrector. 

Additionally, it boasts a bright Black dial and an ion-plated strap. This watch has a total weight of 167g and is worth $570.

Casio Edifice ERA-500DB-1ACR Men’s Watch

This design is a handsome and useful watch for guys. Both a stopwatch and a countdown timer are included in its chronograph features. 

The analog dial has three sub-dials, luminous hands and indices, and subtle color accents. 

Digital signs show the time and date. Mineral glass makes up the dial cover. Stainless steel also makes up the fixed bezel. It has a two-year battery life and a quartz movement as its power source.

The Casio Edifice model performs a number of helpful tasks. It has a full auto-calendar, a thermometer, a daily alarm, hourly time signals, and a world time display in addition to its chronograph capabilities. 

It is swimmable and snorkel-friendly up to 100 meters (330 feet) of water resistance.

Casio Edifice EFV-550D-7AVCR Men’s Watch

It has a mineral glass display window, a stainless steel case, a bezel, and a band, and is 100M water resistant. 

This watch’s one-of-a-kind features include a 1/10-second stopwatch with a 59’59.9″ measuring capacity that calculates elapsed time, split time, and times for first and second place. 

The watch has three hands (hour, minute, and second), three dials (stopwatch 1/10 seconds, stopwatch minutes, and stopwatch seconds), and a date display. It is accurate to within 20 seconds per month.

Is it considered a respectable watch?

Casio has been in business for more than 70 years and has a lengthy history of producing high-quality timepieces. The brand’s reputation precedes it and extends to its sub-brands as well. 

Respectable timepieces, the Casio Edifice, are available. They have several cutting-edge technological advancements and are constructed with high-grade materials, precise movements, and outstanding build quality. 

Casio recognized the Series as an opportunity for self-improvement and seized it. The watch is adored and appreciated by our vibrant watch community as a result of all these qualities.


The Edifice Series is a high-end watch line created to appeal to the more affluent customers of the Casio watch company. Although not expensive, these timepieces have a high quality and offer good value for the money. 

If a G-Shock watch is not your style but you are a devoted Casio customer, you should purchase an Edifice watch.

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