In Which Country are Michael Kors watches made?

Michael Kors has been producing many beautiful watches for people who want to be stylish without breaking the bank. The Michael Kors watch brand has been around for more than a decade and it continues to grow.

Michael Kors is a powerhouse in the luxury fashion industry, and in addition to the elegant shoes, bags, and dresses, Micheal Kors watches are also brilliant and stunning. These watches definitely look good, but when it regards to watches, where its made is one of the most asked questions.

The country in which the watch is made can tell a lot about the quality of the parts and craftsmanship of the watch, as well as for how long will it last, and will it be a good investment.

Michael Kors watches are made in china

Michael Kors watches are produced in China by the Fossil group. The watch’s parts are made in China or Thailand, the movement is made in Japan and the assembly of the watch is in China or Switzerland.

However, the factory producing the watches is shuffled every year. This inconsistency in location is the reason for the slight differences between various watches of the same model.

The company producing the watch depends on how affordable the cost of production aligns with the company’s budget.

Fossil is the manufacturer of Michael Kors watches

The Fossil Group manufactures Michael Kors watches.

The Fossil Group is a reputable watch manufacturing group that has a licensing agreement with lots of designer brands and handles their watch lines. The Fossil Group manufactures the watch according to the brand’s specification and when the watch is almost complete, the brand stamps its name as a show of ownership.

In 2004, The Micheal Kors brand signed a licensing agreement with the Fossil group stating that the group is now responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of Micheal Kors watches under the brand’s supervision. 

Fossil Group notes that a big majority of the components of their products are internationally sourced, with the watch parts sourced mostly from Asia in coordinated efforts through their subsidiary in Hong Kong, the Fossil Limited (Fossil East). 

All Michael Kors watches are made in China by the Fossil Group and are assembled either in Switzerland or China, with most of the watch movements made in Japan.
The parts, on the other hand, are often made in Thailand and China, among other low-cost countries, while the leather straps are sourced from Italy.

Some MK watches use Swiss parts

Fossil Group makes use of Swiss parts when producing Micheal Kors mechanical watches.

They also make use of movements and parts from countries like Germany, The United Kingdom, and Japan.

The Movement of a Michael kors watch is Chinese quartz

Kors watches do not use Swiss movement.

Fossil groups typically use Chinese and Japanese quartz movements in their timepieces which can keep production costs down so the watches remain affordable. Michael Kors watches’ movements include the Swiss ETA Quartz, Miyota Quartz, and Chinese Quartz. The Michael Kors watches featuring quartz movements are low-maintenance and accurate in timing.

But a few components of Swiss movements are found present in some models of Micheal Kors watches. This doesn’t make such watches as reliable as Swiss-made watches possessing Swiss movement.  

Does Michael Kors have a Swiss-made stamp on it?

Michael Kors watches do not have Swiss-made stamps on them.

They are not Swiss-made. A few of the models may comprise some materials made in Switzerland, but these watches do not pass the Switzerland watch Federation standards of Trademark and therefore cannot be stamped “Swiss-made”.

These Trademark standards are the laws that determine whether a watch can be stamped as Swiss-made or not.
For a watch to bear the Swiss-made stamp, 60% of the production should be taken place in Switzerland, or possess a Swiss movement.

Where are MK watches designed?

Like the rest of its production process, MK watches are designed in China.

The Fossil group handles everything related to the production of Micheal Kors watches in China. The design, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution processes all take place in China. Only a few models are assembled in Switzerland.

Are MK watches good quality even though they are not Swiss?

As far as Chinese-made watches are concerned, Micheal Kors watches are of good quality. This quality obviously cannot be compared to the High-Quality Swiss-made watches, but as a Chinese watch, MK is pretty good. 

Michael Kors is a solid brand of fashion watches. The watches are also reasonably priced and stylish. These watches have a reputation for being quite durable considering the prices and the fact that they are not Swiss-made.

Is MK a luxury brand?

Micheal Kors is a global luxury lifestyle brand that is characterized by exclusivity and high price tags. These luxuries extend to their watchmaking line.
The watches have distinctive designs, are built with great materials, and have a nice, but not outstanding craftsmanship. While Michael Kors is still positioned as a luxury brand, it has lost some of the glam that made it such a hit during its early years. 

Michael Kors watches are not luxury watches, when compared to luxury brands such as Rolex, Patek, IWC, Etc. but they can be considered luxury WEAR, as they are part of a designer’s collection.

Is it worth buying an MK watch?

For contemporary buyers, the MK watch is a good buy.

However, it is a designer brand, and some of these brands are known to be more aesthetically pleasing than performing the role of an actual watch.

If you are going for exterior design, Micheal Kors is worth buying, but if you are a true watch collector or enthusiast, MK is not the best choice.
So if you want a high-quality watch that is stylish, you should check out companies that manufacture only timepieces. These companies will offer features that you may not find on the designer watches because these designers don’t focus more on fashion than the authenticity of the watch.


Michael Kors is a successful fashion brand and its watches show off that success. The watches are Fashion watches, so as a watch enthusiast, you have to expect very little from the watches to avoid disappointment.
Their watches are beautiful, no doubt, and they come with an attractive price tag. But we all know that what speaks as a watch nowadays is a piece with an excellent in-house movement, designed and produced by Highly Skilled craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to producing quality watches.

MK Fashion watches have been worn by many celebrities, most especially actors and actresses. The watches are a global sensation and can be found in any watch store across the globe.

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