Are Spinnaker watches made in China?

Spinnaker is inspired by the yachting lifestyle and uses high-end materials, design, and craftsmanship. This microbrand pays homage to the world and lifestyle of yachting with flair and style that makes each timepiece wearable both on land and while in the water. It is named after a particular type of sail used by racing boats. 

Spinnaker concentrates exclusively on watches with a nautical theme. Spinnaker watches are unisex, but some ladies may find them to be too bulky. 

Contrary to the claims of amateur reviews, Spinnaker watches are created in Hong Kong, where the watch business is likewise very significant.

Where are spinnaker watches made?

Spinnaker watches are made in Hong Kong, but their movement is made in Japan.

Although the movements are not produced by the company, Spinnaker watches are designed and created in Hong Kong. Most people buy these movements from Japanese manufacturers like Seiko and Miyota. 

The microbrand can produce inexpensive automatic watches and reasonably priced diver watches as a result of doing this. Currently, Spinnaker is on the list of excellent but very reasonably priced diver and nautical watches. 

This Hong Kong-based company draws inspiration from the most recognizable dive watches in the world and adds its own distinctive twist to them. By tinkering and experimenting, they produce stylish and distinctive watches that deliver in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Who makes Spinnaker watches?

Dartmouth Brands, a business that markets timepieces made by Hong Kong watchmaker Solar Time Ltd., is the owner of Spinnaker. 

A distinctive stable of product lines and brands created and curated for multi-channel retailers around the world can be found at Dartmouth Brands Ltd. The CCCP and Avi-8 watch brands, both well-known watch brands, are owned by the firm. 

The design and production of watch brands under its umbrella, including Spinnaker, is handled by Dartmouth Brands.

Does spinnaker outsource its production?

Production at Spinnaker is not outsourced. 

If they do, Dartmouth hasn’t made it clear in their news releases or on their official website. It is assumed that Spinnaker does not outsource its production and that the corporation just purchases the movements, not the product itself unless a formal statement is made.

Are their watch’s parts made in china?

All components of the watch, with the exception of the movement, can be said to be created in Hong Kong because there are no records of Spinnaker outsourcing production to China. 

Given that all Spinnaker watches are allegedly created and produced in Hong Kong, it is plausible to conclude that the company manufactures the watch’s individual components.

Does spinnaker have a swiss-made model?

Yes, Spinnaker has a Swiss-made model.

Named after the Italian Naval officer, Teseo Tesei, the Spinnaker Mille Metri Tesei automatic is an excellent watch with :

· Swiss Automatic 3 Hands Movement with Date Display

· 1000M Water Resistance

· Scratch Resistant Sapphire Lens and Sapphire Bezel

· 316L Round Stainless Steel case

· Automatically Regulating Helium Release Valve.

The Mille Metri is the pinnacle of Spinnaker’s high-end timepieces. It is reportedly Spinnaker’s best timepiece to date. The Spinnaker Tesei watch series is also the first collection from the company to include Swiss-made automatic movements that are visible through the case back and are hand-assembled in Switzerland.

What movements do Spinnaker watches use and where are they made?

Instead of producing its own movements, Spinnaker buys them from companies like Seiko and Miyota. 

The Japanese-made Seiko NH35 movement, which the firm alters by adding the Spinnaker’s distinctive black rotor, is the most prevalent movement found in Spinnaker watches. 

Japanese watchmakers Seiko, Miyota, and Hattori provide the movements for Spinnaker watches. To convey a sense of ownership, the firm frequently designs its own special rotor to go with the movement, like in the case of Dumas and Bradner.

Is Spinnaker A Microbrand?

Microbrand watches are made by small, independent watch firms that make 300–2000 timepieces annually. These microbrand watch designs are exquisitely sophisticated, infused with an adventurous and inventive character, and are ideal for wearing no matter the occasion. 

Microbrand watch collectors are well aware of Spinnaker for providing a wide selection of intriguing watches at incredibly competitive prices. 

Spinnaker eliminates the “man in the middle” that a typical microbrand uses and passes some of the savings along to its customers. In contrast, a typical microbrand acts more like a designer and will have to pay a factory to produce watches for them.

Is spinnaker watches a good brand?

Microbrands frequently devote a lot of time and attention to creating their timepieces; in some cases, production procedures go on for years at a time. 

When it comes to diving, swimming, or yachting, the Spinnaker is a superb watch. There is meticulous attention to detail throughout, from the movement to the band. Many people love and trust the watches because of this function. 

Spinnaker is a reliable company. However, they have a problem with service accessibility. They employ the Invicta Control System, which makes it challenging for customer service to address grievances and arrange repairs.

5 best Spinnaker watches

One of the best collections of vintage diving watches we have ever seen belongs to Spinnaker right now. Each watch is made of premium materials like bronze and steel, and some of their more recent collections are made solely in Switzerland. Several of the most popular watches from this brand include;

1. Spinnaker Dumas

The Dumas depicts the bulkier shapes and heavier designs in dive watches, taking cues from 1970s aesthetics. 

The Japanese Seiko NH35 automatic self-winding movement drives the Dumas. 

It is extraordinarily economical even with an accuracy of roughly -20/+40 seconds per day because it is made in Hong Kong. Its 42-hour power reserve is another strong argument. The mechanism of the watch can be easily seen thanks to its display case back, just like in well-known Luxury Swiss watches.

2. Spinnaker Wreck

The case is made of 316L stainless steel and has a thickness of 14.5mm and a diameter of 43mm. The 50mm variation from lug to lug highlights the watch’s massive exterior. 

However, the watch’s curved shape gives the impression that it is smaller. 

The Wreck stands out more than other designs because it has rounded edges, which are missing from other Spinnaker watches. The Japanese Seiko NH35 mechanism is also present in the Spinnaker Wreck. To recall, it includes a 42-hour power reserve as well as an accuracy of about -20/+40 seconds per day.

3. Spinnaker Hull

It demonstrates a deft balancing act between a traditional appearance, contemporary technology, and an aged appearance. O, provide a clear view of the watch’s Seiko NH35 movement, which was built in Japan. 

It isn’t as stunning as the Dumas, but it is water-resistant for up to 100 meters. Although it may certainly be improved, it seems that this watch is more concerned with a classic look.

4. Spinnaker Bradner

The watch has a satin-brushed finish on its 316L stainless steel case, which is smooth. 

The compressor-style casing has an inner rotating bezel, two crowns at the 2 and 4 o’clock positions, and two crowns overall. At 15 mm thick and 42 mm in diameter. It includes a flat mineral crystal exhibition case back that reveals the Seiko NH35’s automatic movement. 

The inner rotating bezel is controlled by the screw-down crown at 2 o’clock, while the dial’s hands are controlled by the one at 4 o’clock. A sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating shields the dial. 

The watch can withstand 180 meters of water but is not appropriate for diving. This model is available with a variety of straps and bracelets, including leather and stainless steel.

5. Spinnaker Cahill

Vintage watches often don’t have particularly huge cases, but this one is 43mm in diameter and 15.8mm thick, just like previous Spinnaker watches. Although it is thick, the rounded case makes it appear thinner. 

The sapphire crystal on the watch, which guards the dial, offers effective scratch resistance as well. If the leather straps on this watch cause you any problems, changing them shouldn’t be a problem because of the 22mm lugs. 

The watch also has a smooth-turning 120-click unidirectional bezel.


Each Spinnaker watch has a unique narrative. The company sells a wide range of high-quality watches. They are quite reasonably priced and have useful functions. These timepieces are useful for many different situations, whether they are on a yacht or during diving. 

Despite being relatively new to the market or being classified as a watch microbrand, the brand is a serious contender. Because it undoubtedly makes a significant difference for a micro brand. So choose Spinnaker if you’re looking for a stylish, distinctive, and carefully thought-out dive watch at a reasonable price.

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